The End of The World is a Butterfly

Estamos en Venezuela!

“What a caterpillar calls the end of the world we call a butterfly.”
Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

I had better get this post out before you all do something crazy, like raise $12,000… LOL

Thanks to everybody who offered to send money, one way or another, for a new laptop. Money is not so much my problem (I just got ALL my tax back from last year…woo hoo!) as there is simply nothing to buy here.

I don’t want to spend good money (mine or other people’s) on some stop-gap device that I wouldn’t normally buy…when I eventually replace my laptop, it will be with another Macbook, I’m afraid, as I am most comfortable with that, and need to think of my work and graphic arts stuff for the years to come, and not just the remainder of this trip. There are no Apple shops in this country, because the rate of inflation sets the local price for a Macbook at 3 million Bolivares, and NO ONE in this country can afford such things…and I would feel criminal buying one, for that money, anyway. That is what one person earns, on minimum wages, for THIRTY YEARS in Venezuela. You get the picture.

Aaand, the crappy tablet works! So long as I keep it plugged in (and, fortunately, I have the gear to charge it, even on the boat, via 12volt and solar panel) so I will make it work. I mean, I will work with what I have. I don’t mind so much…so long as I have e-mail, and a way to deal with urgent things like banking, government notices, news of family and close friends, and so forth, I will be fine. No reason why I shouldn’t keep on blogging, if I can do these other things.

Thank you again, you’re fine readers, and generous to a fault…I can’t believe you feel so strongly about a blog! Its not as though I put as much work into it as, say, brainpickings!

I promise I won’t just “drop out”, though there will be long periods of silence (and you get those, anyway, when we’re at sea).

I don’t know how to explain this, but I do not feel right, calling for help and depending on others to provide me with something so First World as a new laptop! Nobody dies if I don’t blog, after all. 🙂

I don’t even know you, personally! Yet, here I am, sending you my love and a hug,

Announcing a new blog

Screen shot 2014-11-02 at 1.53.27 PM

Is this a good idea? Continue reading

Zero the One: Muse and Tools for Wildish Creatives

So proud of my friend Kat’s evolving blog, Zero the One…it’s got a new look, stunning photographs combined with fun fonts and design, light-flooded videos featuring creatives and thinkers that she has met on her travels (and at home, which happens to be Rome…a historically rich seam for creative mining), and a brave, beautiful, distilled raison d’être:

We are shameless artists, seekers and movers who care about epic shit.
And a good story (that we live out).

Muse and Tools for Wildish Creatives

The blog’s official re-launch is this October. Get inspired!

Where’d everything go?

Just a quick note to show you where the new theme has stashed things. There’s a little toolbar at the very top of the page…

Navigation in Ryu

Here’s where you’ll find the old widgets…Top Posts, a button to subscribe to new posts via e-mail, other things that I might add later.


“Connect” buttons…links to The Smallest Forest’s other places/ways of getting in touch on the net: e-mail, flickr, facebook, Pinterest, twitter.

connect buttonsThe “Search” bar…a touch inconvenient, hidden away like this, but that’s just the way the theme goes.


That text is pretty big, isn’t it? There are posts where the font is enormous, because I had it set as a header or emphasized it, to make it stand out. The last theme didn’t make very big changes to font size between paragraph and header styles, so I often went for the second to biggest header style. In this new theme, Whoa! Those header fonts are big enough to print posters from! Future posts will make no use of header styles at all, I suspect, and I probably won’t ramble as much as i used to. Keep it short, and confine the post to a page or two of scrolling!

This is Ryu, and it’s an Automattic theme designed by Takashi Irie.
So, what do you think?

Changing the blog’s theme. Again. Bam!

Yo, heads up! New theme’s a’comin’.

I’ve developed a huge crush on RYU. Great big images and text (as I’m nearing forty, I’ll need the Large Print, hah!) Clean, without being ascetically minimalist. No more annoying borders around my images. No more teal text with pink links. And I don’t seem to lose anything with the shift (unlike this current theme, which reset so many things, menus, widgets, header…what a nightmare!)

Nothing lasts forever. It was the best option then, but something better has come along. A blog should change as I change. Thank you and good luck, “Ever After”…it was no fairytale, but it was good while it lasted.

I’m pulling this costume change tomorrow. Don’t have a cow. Nothing else going on, I promise…I’m still me, after all. It’s as though I were going to get my teeth whitened…different, but same.

See you tomorrow!