Ralph Steadman

Somewhere in the forums of Sketchbook Skool, I mentioned Ronald Searle, and then someone replied and mentioned Ralph Steadman. I’d never heard of him. Found a whole documentary about the guy. I love watching artists at work, and I love the maniacal weirdness of his drawings. The music on this thing is wonderful, too.


3 thoughts on “Ralph Steadman

  1. I love Ralph Steadman’s work. Watching him create is an absolute joy. The way he splashes media around and then pulls order from the chaos is magical. I was taken to see an exhibition of his illustrations for Treasure Island when I was a kid and have loved his work ever since. It was his work that inspired me to take up pen and ink which was my starting point as an amateur artist.

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    1. I can’t believe he slipped by me for all these years! LOL And the movie is gone, now for sale, probably when they got a spike in their youtube stats. Gloating that I got to watch it in its entirety before they pulled it off. *sigh* I would pay to watch it, though, now that I’ve seen it. LOL

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  2. Nat, I have loved (if that is the word for admiration for a wildly creative, often scarily so, painter.) I often show a book I have of his travels in wine country…Untrodden Grapes…to my water color class. Infinitely skilled, disruptive and savagely truthful in his work. I would never even try to approximate his work in my own paintings…..my personality is not that confrontational…but I admire him hugely from a timid distance! Of course there is Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas….

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