A New Year for this Old Blog :)

party bottle

Last night I discovered that the Finlandia vodka bottle has a lumpy, organic surface that catches and distorts its surroundings in interesting ways. I caught my bottle in a festive mood when I put it down on top of an unfinished painting.

WOW. I want some of THAT with soda and lime, please…

Hello, how’ve you been? I’m sorry I went away for such a long time.
I’m sort of back, but not quite yet. Internet and power issues on the boat. Same old story. Poor old blog,…it’ll take weeks to clean away the cobwebs and tame the tumbling tumbleweed that rolls across this howling, desiccated wasteland that I ironically refer to as my internet presence.

Bear with me.

In the meantime, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

May the organic surfaces of your days and nights distort your surroundings in surprising and beautiful ways, and bring magic into your life.


10 thoughts on “A New Year for this Old Blog :)

  1. “WOW” is the feeling I had the other day when I finally tried my birthday gift – a Korean plum liqueur. I, uh, have nearly finished the bottle. Happy hogmanay (new year) when it comes!


  2. Well, the “Next” Year is here a 30 minutes ago. At midnight, some booby exploded a bomb which is absolutely illegal. Amid all the noise, it was so earth–shattering, window–rattling, that I almost jumped out of my skin! And the poor dogs were crying piterously!


  3. Let’s hear it for a year of distortion. Beautiful rainbows, too. Miss you, friends, your poetry, musings and stories. Where are you? Like Carmen SanDiego, you can keep me guessing. I am still here. i love tunbleweeds.


    1. Thanks, Nancy, I missed you, too!
      I am “the end of all our exploring”…back in Darwin, Australia, but trying to keep my traveler’s mind and eyes as I re-explore my hometown. That idea of arriving where I started and knowing the place for the first time.


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