April 11: street sign

Calle de las Amarguras

A very familiar street to me, because I go most days along here to visit my friend Liz who works in a boutique on Calle de las damas, selling bags and other handicrafts from around the world.
Centro Historico
There’s a very funny looking not-quite-aldaba lion on the door next to this street plaque…it’s not a real doorknocker…none of its parts move, it’s one solid cast. And yet it isn’t like the cheap Chinese reproductions that I have seen elsewhere in the city, and all look the same, and very ordinary. This lion looks a little bit goofy.
funny lion
Called “The street of bitterness” because it was the route from the Palacio de la Inquisición to the Plaza de la aduana for the annual bunch of heretics condemned to execution by the Inquisition.


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