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Just a quick blogging note: I needed to put a sidebar in, as too much information was being left out when I used to have full-screen photos. But I have finally figured out how to set things, now, so that if you leave the homepage and visit an individual post, by clicking on the post’s title, the sidebar menu disappears and you can, once again, view photos that take up the width of the screen. This is not an issue with iPads or phones, I realise, it is just a thing with laptops and desktop monitors.

Is this important? Not really. Aesthetics. It just looks better, I think, when the photo is large and wide-format.

That’s all. Tweaking things, while I still have a good internet connection.


By the way, the good ship “Kehaar” departs from Kingston, Jamaica, tomorrow early. We’ve been here a week, only stopped because we were low on food and water, and I didn’t take many photos (the few I took were accidentally deleted when my crappy little Quo tablet formatted the SD card without even asking me! Aargh.)

It will be 3-6 days from here to Colombia…next you hear from me, we will hopefully be in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

Streetsofcartagena” by Cbrough – personal computer. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

Hasta luego, mis panas!

3 thoughts on “aside: fullscreen photos

  1. Hello, you have a beautiful blog here! I came across it because I was trying to find a way to do what you have done – to show the sidebar on the blog page but not on the individual posts. It would be great if you could share how you tweaked the theme to do that. Cheers! Andy


    1. Thanks, Andy. In your dashboard go to Customize, under Personalize. Sidebar settings are under Widgets. You have to click on every widget you´ve used, and go down to ´´display as´´ and choose the option to ´´hide this widget´´ from Post pages, or alternatively to only show this widget on the home page. You have to set all widgets the same way, and then your sidebar will disappear from the home page, or only turn up on page types you choose.

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