Sunday around St. George’s Town

Sunday around St. George'sSunday dawned a beautiful, sunny morning. Kris dropped me off in front of the old, defunct Public Library in The Carenage, and I spent the next 4 hours walking around St. George’s Town with my camera. Sunday around St. George's
Nothing is open on Sunday, the place is a ghost town. Mini-buses don’t run, one or two cars on the usually congested, narrow streets, just a few people drifting home from the three or four different churches, (one sullen dope dealer who heckled Kris for half an hour, while I was blissfully snapping doorways)…
St. George's TownAll in all, a gorgeous morning, perfect for shooting the old buildings, little details here and there, the flowering borders, the steep hills and knee-destroying stone steps that wind up and down the town’s mountain slopes. Sunday around St. George'sSunday around St. George's

9 thoughts on “Sunday around St. George’s Town

  1. I’m thrilled I found your blog. We are moving to Grenada in a few months and will definitely stash some good coffee in my suitcase haha…. Love your pictures as well as your paintings!! Thanks šŸ™‚

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