A small fire

25 December 2014 a small fire
Just filling a deep need to see hot colours. The 25th was grey, cold, and it drizzled, so it was extra dreary on the water. F**k this for the middle of summer.

I painted wet blobs of colour in my journal as one might stoke a small fire in a brazier, trying to get warm.


14 thoughts on “A small fire

  1. This artwork is gorgeous, I love the swirls and the hues that you used.
    Oh, and your handwriting is also the most beautiful thing ever.


  2. Beautiful colours and what a wonderful way to brighten up the day. I am no artist but you have given me a great idea to brighten up the days here in Ireland at the moment , you have inspired me to get the canvas out and paint , thank you. Love your posts and wish you lots of blessings for the New year and your travels. Kathy.


  3. Nat, I’d recently purchased your print “Legends Meet” for Husband for X’mas (which he loves, as he has visions of sailing around the world and fighting bad weather and pirates, even though his boat is falling apart at the seams). And we both thought the print was so whimsical and colorful – even though it was a bitch for me to find a frame /matte the correct size, as I’m mentally challenged in that way. Husband also wants to know why Kris won’t sell his books in America. Husband isn’t a flaming Republican, but he does have his hair in a square knot trying to understand the reasoning.

    PS: We’re currently in Seattle, so I can feel your dreary weather pain.


  4. Here’s something to warm you up. I don’t know if I can post it here. It’s one of Mom’s candles I shot ages ago…anyway, I had better send it to you by email. And some nice “weed” candle pix. Maybe you can add them to your beautiful post of Mom’s leaves…Love you and hope you get warmed up for the New Year!


  5. I could have sent you some of the warmth of a hot Aussie summer. Hot yesterday although by the time we’d arrived home, it had rained and we were greeted by two wet puppy dogs. Cool today..and wet. Good day to just veg around the house.
    Love your art work. So beautiful!


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