Blumen im Winter…

UntitledEin alter Mann, der lächelt, ist wie Blumen im Winter

(An old man who smiles is like flowers in the winter. -German proverb)

The Charleston Shuffle

Tried to catch dad doing the Charleston Shuffle, but his arms were too fast for my exposure, and vanished!

breakfast mit meinem alten Mann

A display of energy like this is rare from him, these days, but he had perked up considerably after a big breakfast together on the verandah.

breakfast mit meinem alten Mann

Also done by this father-daughter pair on Saturday: swapped files, showed each other our Flickr photos (with background story narration), watched one of the BBC’s Planet Earth DVDs., shared a visit from friend and artist Ace Polintan, had halo-halo ice cream with leche flan on top (decadence), took selfies with the camera’s remote control, and watched the sky for rain.
Frühstück mit meinem alten Mann

Of course, after all this (plus his stunt on the dance floor) he had to take a nana nap. 🙂

Frühstück mit meinem alten Mann


5 thoughts on “Blumen im Winter…

  1. I never did get to try your legendary leche flan… perhaps in another life?!! So good to read about your adventures. And not a single peep about the inside of a library or book shop as yet!!! Hahaha!!! Aaron and I enjoyed a glass of wine that a dear friend gave me before she left town. The South African wine was pressed by elephants. Even if it hadn’t have been as tasty as it actually was, I would have been equally impressed that she had unknowingly bought me wine pressed by my favourite animal (gimmick or no!) I miss my friend x


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