Departure date

9 November 2014

Looked up flights to Manila from Darwin last night (I am stopping by to see my Dad before I head to S. Africa) and they’ve gone up $150 since last week. Pushed by the steadily rising prices of the Christmas season, I bought a seat on the last flight that was under $500: November 23rd, Sunday. After that, prices shoot up another $200.

My Darwin days are numbered. I sure hope immigration issues my passport before the flight date! *nervous, about-to-be-sick laugh*

I spent all last night trying to make a storyboard, for the first time ever, and learn to use some simple video-editing programs, because I’d like videos to be a part of the trip’s creative output. Trying to sync the movie to music was the biggest struggle, but I think I’ve got it figured out now, though that’s only in theory. I don’t know how all you Vimeo Pro Account denizens do it, but I use a stopwatch. LOL Learning a new thing is always exciting, and I’ve recently taken on two new obsessions: watercolours and a GoPro. That’ll keep me busy (and too distracted to be seasick, I hope!) for a long time.


3 thoughts on “Departure date

  1. GO PRO!! fuck that’s exactly the thing for us to be able to follow you on your epic trip. I expect to see these videos unravel NAT. I demand them and wait excitedly for that adventure to begin. if you need any help or tech advice or whatever – just hollleeeerr!!!


    1. Ha ha ha, oh dear, still learning, don’t expect anything decent for a year. The hardest part to get used to is not seeing what the camera is shooting…no viewfinder, no LCD (no, I can’t afford that LCD backpack for it!) so there will be a lot of fingers and other parts of the photographer visible in the first ones, I suspect. 🙂 I’ll take you up on the tech advice one of these days, Kat! You’ll be sorry you offered… LOL


      1. NOT sorry for an excuse to hear your voice and speak to you in real time. I miss you. I get excited about the stuff you put out and want you to just do it like supernovas do in the galaxy. make stars 😀 ok. just let me know ahead and i’ll make it happen. love you xo


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