About schizzograffia

The ABOUT page on schizzograffia is finally up…click on the image to view larger


8 thoughts on “About schizzograffia

  1. Oh the things we do for love… I’m excited for you, but also worried. My stomach hurts a bit when I read about leaving “it all” for so long, I hope it feels good for you once you are in your way!! You are so brave, and a great storyteller. I hope there will be time & room for you to also keep writing (online or privet ly) , as well as painting. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  2. I can relate to your insatiable drive for creativity and the joy of the process. Unlike you I currently have the smallest of workspaces, and absolutely no ‘room of my own’. How I compensate is to escape into my imagination, which somehow shuts down the exterior world. I wish you all the best on your adventure and look forward to the stories to follow.


    1. I gave a misleading image, qershi! My “room” is actually the only room on the boat…it’s also the bedroom. But my man lives on deck during the day, and he doesn’t mind my mess, as long as his side of the bed is free when he wants to sleep, and that’s why I think of it as my workspace. Especially since Kris has been gone since June and I live alone. But no, it’s not big. And it’s a disaster area! But I can get my work done, anyway.

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