Did you write the script? Or was it written for you?

This is EXCELLENT. Adam keeps a blog, Man vs. Debt.


2 thoughts on “Did you write the script? Or was it written for you?

  1. Beautiful. Reminds me of the tv ad saying ‘When your life flashes before your eyes, make sure you’ve got plenty to watch.’ And a long time ago there was this movie which changed my thoughts as to material things,living life, etc. The movie was Dead Poets Society. It made me rebel from the conventional life. But somehow cant find the courage to be an Alexander Supertramp. Adam is right. But it needs great courage.


    1. Elmer! I think that you are managing to balance the work-life shebang pretty well, actually.

      And for all your facade of being the pragmatic bounty hunter/mercenary/hustler, your introspection and the thought you put into your images and words…the questions you seem to be asking, and that the photographs ask viewers, in turn, are neither shallow nor coarse.

      I don’t think the message was to go traveling (although you certainly seem to do a lot of it, and I admire your photographic love letters to the people of the rural hinterlands of Ilocos and Bicol, and your bittersweet flings with Manila) but to be aware of our choices, and make them ourselves…rather than simply follow a blueprint drawn up by others.


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