A smack of jellyfish

redwork bird

As promised, here’s the finished redwork bird design from yesterday, done up as a mock kitchen journal cover using the font Asterism, and a woven fabric texture from Picmonkey, to sort of give me an idea of how it might look.

Also some very small (the size of a playing card) watercolors from this morning…just playing with ideas and stuff. I really wanted to jump-start  a big painting, but didn’t feel well…think I have picked up someone’s flu. It was bad enough to prevent me from heading in to work. So I consoled myself with these little things…they sort of serve as warm-up exercises for the large painting I had in mind; whether I use all the motifs or not is not important…what matters is that I’ve dumped my ideas somewhere for reference, and my mistakes on these teeny-tiny canvases will possibly save me from making the same ones on a larger scale in acrylics.

terrarium jelly

An idea that has been with me for a long time (too long!): a jellyfish that is also a terrarium. Because the two forms have always seemed to be crying out for each other, in my imagination.
There’s something very right about this combination.

muumuu jelly

A jellyfish like a pink silk muumuu with pleated ribbons.

crocheted jelly

Not happy with this one: Just. Too. Much.
Looks like the sort of horrible lampshade you sometimes come across at a Salvation Army shop. I like the tentacles, though.

beaded jelly

The Meh Jellyfish…every smack of jellyfish has to have one: kinda boring, lacks spark. That beaded curtain was a really lazy, unimaginative, clichéd way to finish what might have been an okay exumbrella. (That’s that outer, umbrella-looking part of the jellyfish. I looked it up just now.) Maybe if I transplanted the tentacles from the crocheted lamp jellyfish…


One interpretation of mangroves.

Speaking of mangroves, check out my accidentally fabulous tomato plant, growing like nobody’s business in the middle of a mangrove creek! It sprouted from some kitchen scraps thrown onto a basil plant! Pretty soon it had ousted the withering basil and become the star plant on the F/V SonOfAGun.

sea tomatoes

12 thoughts on “A smack of jellyfish

    1. ha ha, yeah, my thumb’s actually really green…Kris says that if i stuck a walking stick into the dirt it would start to sprout leaves…ironic that I live on a boat, then. Di ko malasahan ang basil 😦 pero hel-lo, ang sarap ng kamatis! Flavourful and sweet. Hot dang.


    1. LOL I never saw that coming! Hanna likes it, too…I guess the reason I didn’t like it is that it would not work in the larger painting I am thinking of doing. On its own, as a jellyfish, it is pretty…and I shouldn’t be so dismissive of what I do, because I did do it, after all, so a part of me obviously thought it was a good idea. 🙂


  1. I love how the bird journal cover turned out, such a beautiful idea. And I like all the jelly fishes too, but most of all the blue-purple one that you don’t like. It’s just awesome!

    I hope you get to paint soon again!


    1. This is always happening to me! The ones I don’t like become everyone’s favorite…obviously, some part of me wants the doily jellyfish, or I wouldn’t have made it, but another part of me rejects it when it’s done. This might be a disagreement between my heart and my head LOL I think it is cute, but I am seeing it in the bigger painting and it just isn’t working there. It’s so mysterious, the things that I see when I look at it, and how I will never really know what you see when you look at the same painting…it’s rather wonderful, that we each live in a different world in our head, but communicate as though we lived in just one. 🙂


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