A pigsty of one’s own

moroccan journals

What was in that candle’s light
that opened and consumed me so quickly?
Come back, my friend.
The form of our love is not a created form.
Nothing can help me but that beauty.
There was a dawn I remember when my soul
heard something from your soul.
I drank water from your spring,
and felt the current take me.

—Rumi (translated by Coleman Barks)

Not everything about Kris’ sailing off in the general direction of Mozambique a few days ago is sad. I must admit that—for a few months, at least—it is awesome to have the entire boat to myself. Until I start to seriously miss his conversation, his tenderness, his boundless energy, his complete competence in running our household, I usually enjoy the first few weeks of living like a bachelor-slash-bohemian:

An apple, a knob of rock-hard dried bread, or a fried egg, on its own, for dinner (usually because there’s nothing else to eat…Kris did all the groceries, Kris made sure we ate healthy balanced meals, Kris made sure there was always orange juice in the fridge for my breakfast, real coffee in the pantry, bars of chocolate at the ready during my periods!) Art materials and projects spread wildly across all the tables, floors, shelves. The pile of dirty dishes in the sink gamely trying to keep up with the pile of dirty laundry in the hamper (Kris did the dishes. Kris did the laundry. Kris made sure there was always fuel for the outboard. Kris bought cat litter…Kris held my world together, and every time he goes away I realize that what I thought was the wonderful life WE’D created was really the wonderful life that my wonderful man had created FOR US. Doh!)

I stay up late, smoke too much, live on pots of coffee, rummage through the dirty laundry to recycle something to wear, sleep on a bed without sheets because they’re in the dirty pile, too, and the cat isn’t speaking to me because Kris always bought kangaroo steak for him on weekends, and I’ve got him on a Spartan diet of cat nibbles and water. But! I’m not a complete wreck…look! I am making Moroccan-inspired journals for the next ETSY Territorians Pop-Up Market…and I’ve just ordered stacks of postcards of six weird animal illustrations (four shown below) I did for the Dream Menagerie group exhibition that opens on the 20th of this month. After the show opening, I’ll have these postcard sets in my ETSY shop and at the monthly craft markets, as well. The colors are a bit over-saturated in this picture…they won’t be so harsh in printed form…part of the mysterious loss of luminance that every RGB-to-CMYK conversion entails.

Pictured below are (clockwise from top left) Coddled Salmon (he’s wearing a sweater), the Spangled Jerboa (pink desert hopping mouse with sparklies), the Pack Alpaca (for obvious reasons), and the Panzer Wombat (a.k.a. Armoured Wombat, in Galapagos tortoise shell)
animal postcards collage

So what do you think of these? Which one do you like best? (there are another two, but I’ll show you closer to the exhibition date).


22 thoughts on “A pigsty of one’s own

    1. LOL I think it would look very different on a human, Anneka…I have seen women in pink sequined body stockings, and it is never an unequivocally pretty sight (though fascinating, certainly!) It helps to be double jointed and take refuge in the Cirque du Soleil 😉


  1. Now I miss Kriss!!! 🙂 take care, and enjoy the space. I like all of the animals a lot, if I have to pick a favorite it’s the pink sparkly mouse! Pink + tiny + sparkly = fab!


  2. The zippered alpaca has my heart. He and I can go on art excursions, and I can keep my art supplies in his zippered pouch. Of course, there would be alpaca treats.


  3. I feel the same way about my husband. I would probably be dead without him. Love those journals — will you have any of those in your Etsy shop? I like the salmon best. Or maybe the jerboa.


  4. They are all wonderful! What great fun! If forced to choose, I guess I’d have to pick the sparkly mouse…mainly because a mouse enlivened my dreams last night, so it feels magical to see one today. Thanks, Nat!


    1. Thanks! Funny, I have been looking at them for too long, now, and can’t tell which ones will be the ‘winners’ and which ones will get passed over, time and time again. It will be interesting to count the postcard sales… 🙂 Appreciate your chiming in on this.


      1. I feel the same way when I’ve been working on a piece of writing for a while–it becomes a big wall of text and I can no longer make heads nor tails out of it.

        They’re all lovely, but I was most drawn to the wombat.

        Good luck! 🙂


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