3 thoughts on “Unless…

  1. I find it hilarious (or a giant gash in his particular thinking) that being a parent, being social, having that circle cannot be THE PASSION and NOT a career(when it IS a career). He, in this talk, did not really define what his own ideals are as to a great career–money, feeling while working…ect. ect. There is also the assumption–again, at least in the talk, that assumes everyone is at self-actualization in Marlow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

    Though, I can say that financially, being disabled and having kiddos to care for, basic needs of shelter, food, and safety are ALWAYS a tangle. The way, for me to survive this is to express my passions and in turn working within limits to find a door, no matter the limits. Thanks for posting this. I appreciate the reminder about the If Onlies…I have been feeling so trapped that the genuine list of trap factors–which IS real, are also the deadly If Onlies…these remove from me my own power to see my framework and to work with it to do what I think that I wish I could do.


    1. You’ve raised a great point, and fingered my own reservations about his talk, though I doubt I could have expressed is well as you have. Although it is true that too many people get trapped by a life situation that makes them unhappy, and then spend the rest of that life looking for someone outside of themselves to blame for it, this talk is still very firmly grounded in a Western attitude to happiness and discontent. Self-awareness in one’s choices goes a long way toward fostering the elusive happiness and contentment that he speaks of, no matter what the life situation. It’s not really the What, it’s the How, I guess. What Smith also doesn’t acknowledge is that the If Onlies never seem to end. No matter what you’ve done to pursue the life you dream of, if you start from an attitude of non-acceptance, and your insatiable ego keeps looking for external ways to satisfy what is basically an internal, spiritual lack, you will plunder the world to feed your ambition, and still never feel like you’ve ‘made it’. So, really, what he is prescribing is a recipe for creating monsters like Rupert Murdoch. 😀
      I think it’s important to be reminded that it takes courage to follow your dreams. And that it’s unfair (and unnecessary) to blame the people around you if it’s your own life that you’re unhappy with. The rest of Smith’s talk is just that, a talk, and the man’s got his opinions, and that’s fine, but I don’t care too much about his own definitions of career and success or even passion and dreams, because, no doubt, everyone will define that in his/her own way. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your very eloquent thoughts with me this morning, Elisa!


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