Art Crush : : Sveta Dorosheva

Ukraine-born and Israel-based artist Sveta Dorosheva is one of just two or three artists I follow on Béhance. Over the years her work has been consistently rich, ornate, delightful, meticulously drawn, and tells such wonderful stories! She’s like Ivan Bilibin, Harry Clarke, Katsushika Hokusai and Hieronymus Bosch rolled into one.

In her latest post she shares 6 or 7 huge collages of her sketchbook and diary pages. It is such a treat to see so much creativity in one place, it’s kinda overwhelming! But don’t stop there…please look at all her projects—she draws some of the most beautiful women, and the costumes are to die for. There is so much to look at and love…medieval ladies, Persian miniatures, the Tarot, steampunk, calligraphy, flapper girls and the Art Deco, lovers through the ages, fairytales…her creativity and her imagination are top-notch. Most of her illustrations are drawn by hand

Clicking on either image will also take you to her Béhance projects…

And I just discovered, tonight, that she has a Society6 shop! The chance to own something with her work on it makes me feel a little giddy! I just don’t know which one to choose!

5 thoughts on “Art Crush : : Sveta Dorosheva

  1. Simply amazing work by this talented lady! Wonder how long it takes her to finish one piece of art! And you, for one, without formal training in art is very very knowledgeable and up to date :))))))))))


    1. Yes, Beardsley, Clarke, Rackham, Sidney H. Sime, Kay Nielsen, Walter Crane all worked in the same style…they don’t call it the golden age of illustration for nothing! But even these were influenced by the illuminated manuscripts, the grotesques, by Durer & Bosch of centuries earlier…and many of Dorosheva’s grotesques spring directly from their medieval sources, mercifully bypassing the seaweed-smothered look of Art Noveau. Her women are far more beautiful than Beardsley’s, I have to say. 😉


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