We’ve moved house! (boat)

weve moved!

Okay, so it’s not quite the huge job that moving a house on land would be, but still, this is a big change for us! From being moored right in front of the yacht club that we use as our “landbase”—with mangroves on one side, the wide open Darwin Harbour and a flat horizon in the distance on the other side—the F/V Sonofagun was towed almost to the top of Sadgroves Creek last Wednesday. We’re now one-and-a-half kilometres away from the yacht club, and the trip ashore is five times what it used to be!

Despite the huge distance I now have to go to get to work (and the nasty new outboard motor that I have had to learn how to use, because rowing ashore would take over an hour) I am loving it here. The spot is deep among the mangroves of a National Park. Sheltered from the Southerly winds and choppy water of the Top End’s “Dry Season”, I’ll be able to work in peace and quiet all through this windy time of year. The mangroves here are denser, deeper—hemming us in on both sides, and no horizon line to rest one’s gaze upon—and there are so many more birds moving through the foliage…not just the usual sea eagles, kites, terns, gulls, pelicans or cockatoos, but little passerines, small and brilliant blue kingfishers, rainbow lorikeets by the hundreds, frog mouths and maybe even night jars. There’s much more activity in the water, too…fish (and lord-knows-what-else) constantly splashing, gurgling and boiling the surface of the green, glass-smooth waters of the creek. We are also just two boats away from the floating crocodile trap that sits at the intersection of the Sadgroves’ headwaters, so I guess we’ll be seeing many more of those big lizards, now, too. Hoo boy.

The nights are darker, and we can no longer see the lights of the city—the stacked Lego towers of illuminated units or the blazing halogen lamps from the industrial wharves—nor hear the constant rumble of bulldozers and forklifts. Almost no traffic on the water where we are, as most yacht people live along the bend where the creek opens up into Francis Bay (you can see the dense lines of white boats in the satellite image)…the only dinghies that go past us are Captain Seaweed’s (he’s at the very top of the creek, and spitting distance from the croc trap) and a few weekend fishermen. It’s like we’ve moved to a sleepy little town in the mountains, after the hustle and bustle of living in Francis Bay, where a fishing ramp unloads speedboats all day, most days of the week, and the big fishing trawlers, work boats, and tugboats come and go, creating huge bow waves in their wake that used to send us rolling like a barrel.

I’ll try and get some pictures to do the place justice! I really hope to capture what it’s like to live up a quiet, green, serpentine creek…surrounded by crocodiles and miles of tangled mangroves.


14 thoughts on “We’ve moved house! (boat)

  1. It sounds amazing…can’t wait to see the photos. I can’t imagine the depth of solitude….envious, here in inner city Melbourne!


  2. I’m following your blog from Upcountry Maui. What a different world we live in. I can’t wait to see the photos. I absolutely love the names of all the birds! I sailed from San Diego, Ca. to Hawai’i on a sailboat and then lived another two years on it, but we were in a huge harbor with one “slot” among hundreds on a temporary pier. Though a few years later after building a trimaran we did a bit of interisland sailing which took us into nooks and crannies with no civilization. The quiet was remarkable. The skies look closer with a much denser blanket of stars. Now, up in Kula, away from the town, I’m once again marveling at the number of stars!


  3. Can’t wait to see photos. Rather odd that I watched bits of the movie “black water” on ABC1 last night then I open my email and read your evocative description of your new habitat and the proximity to the crocodile trap!


  4. Oh this conventional life of mine. I live on a mountain. Your move sounds just perfect. Thank you for inviting us to your new spot. Motor Boat, Motor Boat go so slow, Motor Boat Motor Boat Go So Fast, Motor Boat, Motor Boat Step on The Gasssss.


  5. Oh, please do post lots of photos. I’m fascinated by your boat living and especially by the birds your list! Wow. I look forward to seeing pictures soon–good wishes from the mountain of Northeast Georgia, USA.


    1. Jay, will try and get up bright and early tomorrow, and take pics at sunrise! I’m pretty excited, too, about living in a new spot, and having new surroundings to look at and learn. 🙂 Thanks for the visit, hello to the mountains of NE Georgia! LOL


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