vot I did at verk…

masks into calaverasIn order to get some pictures for our shop’s monthly demonstration (the goal is to work on a simple project in-store that uses Jacksons’ products and gives kids and adults some easy, accessible art and craft ideas) I decided to paint one of our papier maché masks (it’s not a wearable mask…too small for a head, and there are no eye holes!) as a sugar skull (calaveras) decoration for dia de los muertos, coming up on November 1&2 (or for Halloween, if you like, though there is no feeling of scariness or monstrousness associated with this Mexican tradition).

I’ll be making another (hopefully better) one for the actual demonstration on October 16th, Wednesday, at 10:30 a.m., if this looks like something you or your kids might enjoy doing. Jacksons Drawing Supplies is located at #7 Parap Place, Parap Shopping Center (between Toppy’s sandwich bar, and Arafura Catering). Everyone is welcome. 🙂

gift wrappingAlso, I am the only Aquarian in a shop full of Virgos (like a cat among the pigeons) and August/September brought on a slew of birthdays. My lunch breaks this past week were spent wrapping birthday presents…and then playing with ideas of how to top them and personalise them using paper scraps and junk mail. I started slowly, noncommittally…but as I warmed to the ideas (and then more ideas came than I knew what to do with) it became a small obsession. I even turned up for work half an hour earlier last Wednesday to work on them.

lily pondI’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: “I love my job…”


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