Ex-tra! Ex-tra! Sailor stuck in seas off Darwin!

the great hero to the rescue ;)

I got 8 phone calls at work last Thursday, everyone telling me “There’s an article about Kris in today’s paper!” Claire de Lune left Darwin Wednesday late afternoon, nearly four days after Kris sent word via Coastwatch that he needed help.

I am so relieved that the boat’s owner is under way. I wish them well, and hope the trip back is smooth and trouble-free. I also think the week at sea will do John a lot of good…he’s just bought a sailboat, and this will give him a good taste of what it can be like at sea, so he knows what he’s gotten himself into. 😉 I am deeply grateful to Paul, the unnamed skipper of Claire de Lune, who was ready to leave the very same night that Kris sent the message.

No more worries. I was given the number of Kris’ satellite phone, and spoke to him on Wednesday morning. He’s running a bit low on food, but has plenty of water and is fine…just sick of being out there, going nowhere, and wanting to get it all over with now. I hope to see him some time next week. Meanwhile, I have four days off starting tomorrow, and hope to use it interestingly.


5 thoughts on “Ex-tra! Ex-tra! Sailor stuck in seas off Darwin!

    1. Let’s see, he sent word on Sunday morning, and the guys finally left Darwin late Wednesday afternoon, so nearly four days after the call. But it doesn’t matter, all is good, they found him on Saturday morning, and got back Wednesday noon; an entire week getting there, and then towing the boat back. 🙂 Try to remember that this wasn’t a government “search and rescue” operation…although they were keeping their eye on the proceedings, Kris never called on official rescuers to help. Everything happened on regular Joe level: Kris, the owner of the boat, two guys from the Yacht Club with a strong boat to tow the White Bird back… pretty good, when you realize it was a homegrown operation. 🙂


  1. So happy to hear Kris is faring well. Sailing can be a challenge at times. I would say the owner should be glad there was an experienced sailor aboard his boat.


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