What the…?!

Glad the new theme let me keep my header…

Where have all the widgets gone, long time passing? Lost my sidebar (as I knew I would) so will have to put all those bits and bobs into the menu line under the header somewhere…
And I never realised how many damn categories I had until I saw that list (it’s down at the footer of the page). Probably don’t use 80% of them! So will have to re-think my categories, and (dread!) go through my posts reassigning them to a more basic list.
I’ll be fiddling with this theme for a week or more, bear with me.


9 thoughts on “What the…?!

  1. It took me *forever* to figure out how to comment! But I love the new theme! I love wider posts, and it means your photos can expand into their new larger area!


    1. Hey, MissBean! Stoked to get a comment from you. Thanks, I like the bigger format photos, too, but hate that I can’t remove the frames around them, and not too crazy about the humongous font, either. I will end up upgrading to custom CSS, eventually, I just know it. *grumble*
      Ooo, and you have a new blog, I see! *scurries off to have a peek*


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