6 things that delighted me this week

6 things that delighted me this week

  1. A.J. Hateley’s make-believe paperback cover designs visualising Panem in The Hunger Games. I love her various series of paperback designs that revolve around videogames (they’re available as art cards and posters). Also, her design for the cover of Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, which won the Penguin Design Awards 2012, and will be moving from the realm of ‘what-if’ into reality, as a result. I’m looking forward to having her eloquent, classic designs on my own bookshelf soon!
  2. Patrick Valenza’s Deviant Moon Tarot, as well as all the other quirky, macabre, and medieval illustrations and dark paintings that his site is studded with. Such a playful, not to mention prolific, creative soul! Signed tarot decks, in hand-illustrated wrapping, of the Deviant Moon deck are available, as well as art prints of his Major Arcana and other paintings/drawings. The bubble above is from an illustration titled “The Queen responds with an obscene gesture.”
  3. These grotesque and yet strangely compelling sculptures of human/animal hybrids, by Chinese artist Liu Xue, via anti-glamour. One the one hand they’re disturbing and impossible, on the other hand they feel ‘true’ somehow…almost familiar.
  4. Gorgeous libraries like this one—St. Florian’s in Austria—in a series about libraries (bibliotheken) by photographer Christoph Seelbach. I would never get any reading done in a building this gorgeous.
  5. Polish street and graffiti artist NeSpoon uses doilies in much of her public installations. Here, she laces doilies into bits of driftwood, or uses the lacey circles as stencils to spray through, on Oak Beach on the Baltic Coast. The photographs are gorgeous, too, of distant clouds, the sea and a peerless sky…I can almost taste the salt air.
  6. Peter Crawley‘s fine, precise and delicate stitching on heavy watercolour paper…crisp, clean, and striking design. His typographic work is my favorite!

Oh, yes…very inspired. Makes me want to call in sick tomorrow so I can stay home and make something. Hanging out for the weekend, which is not too far away now! What’s been inspiring you this week?


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