TAST Week 32 ✂ Cast-on Stitch

cookie, doily, flower...

It’s been 23 weeks since I last posted something for the Take A Stitch Tuesday Challenge; I didn’t just fall off the wagon…it’s like I then rolled off the side of that steep mountain pass and fell a thousand feet into somebody’s backyard garden in another county, where I took up turnip farming.

I’m only posting this now because I happen to have some old projects that show the week’s stitch to good effect…and not because I have managed to organize myself enough to work a new sample for the challenge.

But an old entry is better than no entry. If I hadn’t vainly insisted on making a special sample for each stitch, I wouldn’t have missed so many of the weekly TAST posts…I probably have examples of most embroidery stitches, forgotten and unappreciated on small pieces buried at the bottom of various drawers  in my home.

Week 32 features Cast-On Stitch, a highly dimensional stitch that reminds me of crocheted loops and picots. I often use it to imitate doilies.

These cookie-sized thread confections were worked on circles of felt bonded to the ground fabric. I made a varied bunch of them, and then forgot about them. I know they’re in a box of craft junk somewhere on this boat…I came across them a week ago, winced a bit in guilt, and carried on looking for a bottle of white acrylic ink…
cookie, doily, flower...

– – – ✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂ – – – ✂

This small embroidery sample is for the Take a Stitch Tuesday 2012 Challenge, of which I am a very sporadic and hopelessly disorganized participant.


20 thoughts on “TAST Week 32 ✂ Cast-on Stitch

  1. Wow! They do look like crochet – I thought you’d combined crochet and embroidery until I read the post. Really nice. I love how 3d they are. Also, they do look like brooches. Glad it’s nots just me that makes things I’d never dream of wearing… 🙂


    1. Thanks, iHanna! Wear them? LOL, if you saw me you would know how funny that would be. All my clothes are black, with a bit of red. I’m a running shoes and leather boots kind of person. I wear onyx and hematite and jet jewelry. Heavy black eyeliner. Wearing pink cookies would be like dressing Darth Vader in pink feather boas… 😉


  2. Your Cast on stitch creations are very pretty and very nicely done. I’m still back on the Algerian Eye Stitch but hopefully I can catch up. It’s always very helpful to see what others have done with these TAST stitches so thanks for posting 🙂


  3. That darn turnip farming’ll getcha every time ;-).

    These are beautiful, and I’m reminded that I first noticed your work on Flickr when you were making lots of embroidered-felt goodies — I think I have quite a few of them in my Flickr Favorites, in fact =).


    1. The doctors said I had amnesia. When I ‘came to’ I was wearing a pink gingham Little House on The Prairie dress, and everyone called me Maisie. I’d just won the blue medal for biggest turnip at the country fair… 😉

      Yeah, it’s terrible, a kind of kitsch that every once in a while I go back to. I even have a couple of Japanese craft magazines, how to make felt pastries…the hunger within?

      Thanks for visiting…your comments whack a smile on my face every time. 😀


      1. Maybe I should take up making felt and/or embroidered versions of the foods my taste buds love but which my gut does not . . . I can’t decide if that would be fun or cruel ;-).

        Heh, glad to be able to give you a smile. You often have me chuckling, too. Similar senses of humor are handy!!


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