If not Now, Zen when?

If not Now, Zen when?

The sun is setting on the last day of my weekend (I work three days a week, take four days off…Lucky me? Darlink, luck has nothing to do with it!) and it was a great four days of painting, doodling. meditating, listening to music and audio books, and just sitting around enjoying the sun-drenched weather. Most of the little canvases in the photograph are in early stages; I only tiled them because they look nice together. they may look completley different when they’re done.

I’m so grateful for this lazy, creative break…and find that I am also looking forward to going in to work, tomorrow, because everything has its beautiful moments and reasons for being, and I am eager…almost hungry, now, for the outside world and its energies and people.

For three days I’ve seen and spoken only to my two favorite cats…snapped together here, in an unguarded moment (because neither Dude nor Kris like having their pictures taken, and make it a point to face away from me or scowl when I am holding a camera; but I was quick this morning…Kris is even sort-of-smiling, which is very rare, in a photo)

unguarded moment

I’m off now, to enjoy the last of the light…parathas on the menu for dinner, using the freshly-harvested turmeric that’s been growing on the back of the boat for over a year. The deep yellow-orange color is unreal, and the flavor is milder than powdered turmeric. I am looking forward to what I imagine will be pale gold discs of hot parathas with yoghurt and mint chutney tonight!

Hope the rest of your week is wonderful. See you in a few days…
fresh turmeric

4 thoughts on “If not Now, Zen when?

  1. I also work three days and have 4 off, and indeed luck had nothing to do with that either 😉 I really enjoyed you reminding me that “everything has its beautiful moments and reasons for being”


  2. Oh, you are so very inspirational! I just love that “if not now, Zen when?” good for me as I’m a highly talented procrastinator! Lovely, you can dig up tumeric there! It’s available at a local market here .. .do you have any recipes? I make tumeric capsules .. they are magic for fixing sore joints! I’d love to try cooking with the fresh version.


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