MeiJo’s JOY: Cactus Pincushion – tutorial

cactus pincushion by PC Lim

cactus pincushion by PC Lim

This little cactus pincushion was a handmade present from PC of MeiJo’s Joy, when she and I met up in Penang a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t just being nice when I squealed and gushed over this tiny potted cactus…it really took hold of my tender ‘cuteness’ gland and gave it a hard squeeze.

Ms. Lim at Air Hitam Saturday markets

If PC wasn’t my sister-in-mischief, I would be tempted to do a tutorial for these cacti, myself!

Luckily, PC has put together her own tutorial (see the link, below) for making this (and a whole family of others, different shapes and everything!) that couldn’t be simpler to understand.

I love that she has used recycled materials instead of new store-bought stuff: a streaky green T-shirt has been the perfect fabric for all the cacti, and tiny plastic disposable pudding cups were used for the pots. Don’t forget to check out her additional tutorials, to make the puffy flowers that she uses to make both the bright pink flowers and the bases for some of the cacti plants.

This photo of the whole family together really fires my imagination…I’m starting to see all sorts of variations on this theme…a perfect little project for a rainy afternoon, as they are really simple to make.

MeiJo’s JOY: Cactus Pincushion – tutorial.

a whole family of potted cacti


6 thoughts on “MeiJo’s JOY: Cactus Pincushion – tutorial

  1. brilliant! really sweet catcus, I used to have a pink one like the one featured in the first two photos when I was at uni! thanks for sharing how to make them too! : )


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