What goes up…

what goes up must come down

Took my show down today. A good feeling…as of closure.

I eventually managed to send 9 of the 12 paintings off into the world, one way or another. Very surprised that I didn’t end up stuck with most of them…I brought a utility knife and fresh blades with me, thinking I would just cut the large canvases off their stretchers, and then maybe quarter them, for easier transport back to the boat. The plan was to use the colorful canvas pieces as backgrounds for a bunch of handmade journals.

Probably because I mentioned these plans to some last-minute gallery visitors, and to friends on facebook, people made offers for the pieces they liked. I was happy to accept whatever was offered: I guess I’d much rather send the paintings home with people who like them, than cut them up or roll a couple layers of gesso over them…and certainly I didn’t want to live with all of them, wrapped and banished to the bilges of our crowded boat, for the humidity and salt air to eventually destroy, anyway.

(I have to admit, though, I feel a little sorry I didn’t get to experience the incredibly cathartic act of destroying a painting that, just a month ago, took me several weeks to make. I reckon it would have taught me something valuable. I suspect I have chosen the comfortable path over the meaningful one.)

It was sort of like an art auction. *silence*

Okay. Who am I kidding? Really it was more like a hostage situation.

If I could draw a cartoon for this post, I would feature as a rabid, unhinged psychopath in the narrow aisle of an Asian grocery, holding a gun to a painting’s side and screaming “Go on, make me an offer…or the painting GETS it! I’m not kidding! I’ll f****** KILL it!”

Unorthodox method, to say the least (though actually it was all very peaceful…I made pots of tea or coffee, and passed round a glass plate of dark chocolate and mint biscuits…a nice touch, n’est-ce pas?) but it produced very satisfactory results for both me and the individuals who went home with something of mine.

Dare I say win/win?

Thank you for putting up with me all this time. I am grateful to my friends, acquaintances, blog readers, neighbors, and gallery visitors who encouraged me, enthused over the paintings, counselled me, and did such a great job of protecting me from myself. 🙂


2 thoughts on “What goes up…

  1. oh maan.. im not really in the position to call myself an art buyer – art admirer is more like what I can afford at the moment. but I really liked Birdhouse in Your Soul, Crying Like a Cat (but I bet they’re both sold already right?) and Smoke Reality’s whimsyness… whats left Nat? I’m too far away to ship a large painting but… let me know how it goes with the journals.. 2012 is coming..


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