Give your favorite cat-person some Popcorn for Christmas.

One of the biggest reasons I love Souther Salazar‘s work so much is that it is stocked full of lovely little cats…he is so obviously a “cat person”, and cat people often find this one, single commonality strong enough to bridge even the widest gap between themselves and another person. It’s as though being a cat person instantly propels someone to above-average intelligence and coolness in my books, so that if he/she manages to do anything on top of that, it’s all bonus frosting and cream piled onto an all ready amazing cake.

Recently Souther posted this call for help on his Facebook and ETSY shop:

Our best little cat buddy Popcorn has gotten very sick. We are having a sale in the Etsy store to go towards the Vet bills, and have also put together a super “Popcorn Pack.”

We’ve collected some of our favorite Popcorn moments (from both photos and in my work) and made stickers, a linocut print, and a bonus Popcorn mix cd of songs that celebrate him and the rest of the cat kingdom.

Each pack includes 1 linocut print (signed & numbered in an edition of 50), 9 stickers for 9 lives: 6 black & white square stickers, 2 round full-color stickers, 1 linocut sticker and a free mix cd of 20 cat songs.

This would make an amazing present (get it early, for Christmas) for a cat lover who is also a music lover who is also an art lover! And for a crazy $15? I mean c’mon, the lino print alone is worth more than that! It’s just too good to pass up on. Plus, you’ll be helping Popcorn—who is obviously a loved and treasured member of Souther’s family…see him in all these different creations by Souther?—and if there’s anything that can really affect a cat lover, it’s another cat lover’s worries and anxiety about one of our furry babies.

Popcorn Pack

Popcorn stickers by Souther Salazar

Souther Salazar

Throw Out the TV by Souther Salazar

I first became aware of Souther Salazar via Juxtapoz Magazine. In a magazine full of contemporary artists, Souther stood out in that issue because of the irrepressible playfulness, the unexpected inventiveness, and the sheer prolificacy of his work.

Not only are Souther’s paintings and illustrations fun, positive, and whimsical…he applies his touch in unexpected places, too…cardboard boxes, light bulbs, nails and hardware bits and bobs, juice bottles, junk…and an amazing collection of painted Autumn leaves.

The best sort of artist, Souther possesses the undaunted, endlessly curious, fertile mind of a child, who does not, cannot, stop creating—who goes through the world endlessly transforming things and surprising everyone. There is tenderness, poetry, and humor in all he does.

Leaf drawings by Souther Salazar


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