New in my shops: fabric origami cranes

My creation

1. fabric origami cranes — color palette, 2. hot pink crane, 3. lavender crane, 4. black white and red crane, 5. olive crane, 6. pink crane, 7. mid blue crane, 8. bright floral crane, 9. black and white crane, 10. navy blue crane, 11. magenta crane, 12. coral pink crane, 13. chocolate crane, 14. bright red crane, 15. dark red crane, 16. pale pink floral crane

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

A project I’ve been keeping under wraps until I had enough of them: I’m making senbazuru (origami cranes) out of fabric…using up those fabrics that I really just have too much of and never use. They’re lined with interfacing, to give some stiffness, and made using a clothes press that Kris brought me from the dump, years ago. Finally found a use for the thing! I have to start the generator to use it though, so after the initial rush of enthusiasm I got tired of making them. I think I’ll go back to doing paper ones, late at night, in the silence. 🙂

But I’ve made a couple hundred of these fabric ones, though…it’s a good start! I’ve put an eyelet in each one for hanging.

They’re for sale in packs of five on my Etsy and shops.

bokeh senbazuru...fabric origami

So far I’ve just hung a whole bunch of them, red ones mainly, from the ceiling above my bed (so nice to wake up and gaze at a flock of red cranes gently bobbing overhead, aglow in the slanting morning light). I took a bunch of pictures using a homemade, triangle-shaped bokeh filter a few days ago…I liked the way the triangle echoed the cranes’ wings.

Other things I am thinking of doing with them are stitching them in a graceful flight pattern on a skirt, and embroidering the wings on a couple of them, to hang in the shinto altar in Kris’s sailboat (when he gets back, of course) Kris spent many years in Japan…he speaks Japanese, reads it well, can write it a bit, too. He would love these, I know.

*momentary pang…miss him so much all ready*


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