12 Days of Painting on Flagler Street

And since I’ve got painting on the brain these days, here’s some painting news that has inspired me to try and work more spontaneously, more expressively, and to create pieces that dialogue among themselves, that converse with each other:

Up and coming talents,  Annie Blazejack and Geddes Levenson, mounted a show of 728 paintings all based on the idea of triangular numbers.  For twelve hours a day, twelve days straight, they churned out painting after painting beginning on Day One with (78)  nine minute paintings each and ending on Day Twelve with (1) twelve hour painting a piece, each time responding to what the other had created. Read More

This thrills me…it’s not just the 728 paintings—many of which look great, fresh, uncontrived and have this irresistible “of-the-here-and-now” edge—but what obviously must have been an energizing, exciting, amazing experience for the two artists. To work at that pace (78 nine-minute paintings!) and in immediate response to the ongoing work of a partner, must have opened each artist up so much…the faster and more often you draw from that well of creativity and playfulness, the faster the well fills and overflows, or at least that’s how I sense it. What a great way to evict the ego and start the flooding of ideas and images and expression!

*sigh* Love.

via Flagler Arts Space


2 thoughts on “12 Days of Painting on Flagler Street

  1. Wow! What a wonderful explosion of color and creativity, indeed. Must have been amazing to see and to absorb all of that energy and inspiration!


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