Sunday at The Happy Yess market

Happy Yess Craft Market

On June 3rd I had a stall of my handbound journals at the Happy Yess Market. It’s an intimate, relaxed monthly event that brings Darwin’s crafty, creative, and thrifty community members together to stroll around on the lawn (or lie on a patchwork of blankets and pillows under the shade trees).

Happy Yess Craft Market

There were kids and crazy costumes…

Happy Yess Craft Market

Happy Yess Craft Market

…pet dogs wiggling on the grass, vintage clocks, home baked goodies, tea in porcelain teapots and plunger-pots full of coffee, hand-printed fabrics and original paintings…
Kate's paintings

…chunky alien-life-form bangles, oodles of pre-loved books

Happy Yess Craft Market

You might catch up with friends, pick up a handmade treasure, or score an amazing vintage dress…

Happy Yess Craft Market
hunting for treasure

The “Market Moles,” Bry and Frances, organize the event, and invite you to bring along

…your crafty treasure, your art, your cakes and food,  your fancy (booze free) drinks, your ability to play live music, your homemade anything, your old junk, books, shoes, stuff, your cheap haircutting skills, your clothes swap corner, your bike repair skills, your dancing shoes, your face painting brushes…get creative. no stall is too small or too silly…

I spent more time wandering around looking at other people’s stuff, running into scores of folks I knew (as well as meeting lovely new people), and snapping the many ‘pockets’ of color, detail, and people coming together.

Happy Yess Craft Market

Happy Yess Craft Market

Next market day is in July…find out more from the Happy Yess facebook page.


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