mail art : : a Mossy postcard and a ‘pinkwork’ letter for a goddess…

collage and drawing on a postcard for the artist Jason Moss

Among the things revived by the trip to see all my wonderfully creative and artistic friends in Manila was a mutual desire to start up our old practice of making and sending each other beautiful letters through the post. Here are a couple I made over the weekend:

A naughty, oversized postcard (above) featuring parrots and April’s “Flavour of The Month”, for that enfant terribleof the art world, brilliant painter Jason Moss…

For Agnes Arellano, Filipina sculptor of the “sacred and the mythical, the physical and the erotic, the magical and the mundane, the religious and the profane, and music and song”, I made a delicate letter embroidered in blackwork patterns, using pink thread (pinkwork? 😉 )

embroidery on paper, a letter for the artist Agnes Arellano

The afternoon I spent with Agnes in her cool, shadowy, compound—where buildings and gardens mingle and intersect like a cross between cathedral and green  house—was a highlight of my trip back to Manila.

Agnes Arellano, Sculptor

Agnes took me on an intimate viewing of the sculptures in her gallery, and I fell in love with her latest cast bronze series, The Goddess Revisited…the gorgeously fecund bodies of these lovely goddess figures and their ardent supplicants were inspired by a trip Agnes took to see the ancient goddess figurines of Malta.

I was inspired, in turn, by their heft and curves, their saucy braids, their unabashed sexuality and celebration of womanhood, and by the delicate little goat feet of the deities.

I had to smile at the name of the series, which I didn’t know until I looked up Agnes’ website later that evening. It could have summed up the day…for, indeed, it felt like I had made a modest pilgrimage—an artistic and spiritual one—to revisit the Friend, this calm and gracous holy woman with a voice like a sacred well deep in the woods, like a clearing where the doe-eyed, goat-footed goddesses of creativity and destruction come to dance, and sing.

Milk Goddess Supplicant 2 in bronze

Mail art. It rocks. So much nicer than a message on facebook, or an e-mail.

Send a letter, get a letter:

Nat Uhing
PO Box 1017
Parap, NT 0804




7 thoughts on “mail art : : a Mossy postcard and a ‘pinkwork’ letter for a goddess…

  1. Oh lovely! I’d have loved to have met Agnes too.. 🙂 I came upon her while in my Singapore grant-stay and found her among the circle of Babaylan goddess women and was fascinated by her work, her words.

    Lovely this mail-art your creating. Always comes alive


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