Getting ready for the weekend

getting ready for the weekend...

Can’t believe my stay in the Philippines is coming to an end already. And what a miserable blogger I’ve been! Been so busy everyday, getting home past midnight, every night, and then getting up at 6:30 to do it all again…crazy!

I’ve got a big weekend coming up—dinner party with friends on Saturday, dinner party with family on Sunday—so I started cooking today. Fired up my parents’ third refrigerator and dedicated it to the weekend’s culinary creations.

basting garlic flowers with olive oil

I started out by roasting a lot of garlic flowers.

Cut the tops off whole garlic heads, arrange the heads upside-down in a tray, and brush virgin olive oil generously over the cut ends, letting it seep into the papery flowers. Roast for 5-8 mins at 180° C or until golden-brown.

cooking for the weekend: roasted garlic flowers

Then I mashed the cloves with some dried basil, and incorporated the chunky paste into a chewy French-style bread dough, formed into 3 large free-form loaves.

I also made up three trays of vegetarian lasagna (another three tomorrow). I’ve been making my lasagna the same way since I was 18…I guess you could say it is one of my ‘signature’ dishes. I just try to use the best ingredients I can find, and to make as much of it as I can, from scratch. I don’t make the mozarella or romano cheeses, though I wish I could. But I do make my own lasagna noodles, and poached, peeled, and seeded tomato puree.

With all these flavours floating around the house all day, you may wonder what I had for lunch (and dinner) today? I had a cup of uncooked rolled oats, soaked until soft in water. Seriously. *slightly crazy laugh*

You know how the Irish have the saying “The shoemaker’s wife and the blacksmith’s horse often go unshod”? There were faint echoes of that in the kitchen today!


4 thoughts on “Getting ready for the weekend

  1. And that fabulously delicious–looking bread went so fast, I never even got to caress a piece of it, much less taste it! But thanks for making some more for me and the family party the next day! We miss you (and your cookin’!)
    Your skinny Dad


    1. Yay! The more the merrier! You can never have too much dessert. BTW, I’m making cheesecake (that’s just so you don’t EMBARASS yourself by bringing INFERIOR cheesecake… BWA HAH HAH!


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