embroidery stops here…for now

I catch a plane in a few hours, so this is my last post for a couple days—until I get to my parents place and get my new bearings.

To the fans of this embroidery (so funny, who’d have thought?) I am so sorry to leave you hanging! I wish I could take it with me, but it’s bloody three meters long! LOL. So all work on this Deerfield ‘Rogue’ embroidery goes on hold until I get back to Australia in early April.

Here’s are details of the latest bits I’ve done:

And here is (most) of the whole, as it looks so far, and will look until my return…(though I have just learned how to do reversible trellis stitch from the internet, and I am tempted to whip my needle out and try and work this new stitch for as long as is imprudent, before I absolutely HAVE to tear myself away, row ashore like a madwoman, and hie me to the airport!)

I am suffering withdrawal symptoms already. Right, first thing when I get to Manila isn’t currency exchange…it’s the nearest needleworking shop, for needles, a hoop, some floss. *gets hungry, steely look in her eye*


7 thoughts on “embroidery stops here…for now

  1. Love, love love!
    I hope you find a market and/or collectors of your work. It is really beautifully done and designed. I am particularly drooling over the orange/pink bits couched with red!
    I think a personal Bayeux Tapestry might be in my future….
    Did you ever see the person who illustrated stories with embroidery, photographed them and then published them as picture books?…
    Happy travels.


  2. I thought I was good at embroidery, but am overwhelmed at the beauty of your work. Congratulations to you. It must take many hours to make such a sizable piece.


  3. Thanks for including a shot of most of the needlework you’ve done thus far. It’s just lovely!! Beautiful colors; beautiful stitches.


    1. It is hubris, and I will probably regret it, and cut it up when I get back to Darwin! Now I’m thinking hmm, half-meter lengths are good enough…I can share the love more, and they would be easier to sell, and though I love my work, I need to earn my keep,too. When I am King, I will make my own persona Bayeux tapestry, but only when I am King.


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