All soul-searched out! I needed a break…

And I looked

At my big ball of string,

And I said,

NOW I will find

A thing of some kind –

Some GOOD kind of thing

To do with my string!

-Marion Holland, A Big Ball of String

Sorry, I took a break…was spending too much time in front of my laptop, and the intense narrative was wearing me out.

I started an embroidery, yesterday, instead. I am trying to find ways to use as much of these massive industrial spools of  acrylic yarn and (the smaller spools pictured) Japanese rayon filament, as I can!

Kris found the spools of thread—mostly rayon filament, 20 spools of it—at the dump. He paid 5 bucks to take it all home. What a find!

I’d like to do something surprising and beautiful with all of it…not just make a zillion pom-poms, y’know? Something along the lines of jeweler Melinda Young‘s Take A Ball of Thread project…quite an exciting prospect, actually, and I can’t wait to tryout all my other ideas using the thread.

The rayon filament is especially beautiful…it is untwisted, and has the high gloss look and feel of the sort of untwisted silk thread used in Japanese embroidery. Not really surprising when you consider that rayon was originally manufactured as a cheap alternative to silk, after all.

These days rayon (or viscose, as it is called in Europe) is made from the cellulose found in wood (making it a vegan silk, and good choice if you’re bothered by the way silkworms are harvested…unless it’s Ahimsa silk, of course—also known as Peace Silk— processed from cocoons without killing the pupae inside) and I seem to recall reading somewhere that rayon is a by-product of the paper manufacturing industry (along with artificial vanilla essence!) Because it uses naturally occurring polymers, it is neither a true synthetic fiber, nor a natural fiber…a it is semi-synthetic fiber.

Maybe it is finally time to take up crochet, weaving, or knitting. Or I might dig up that old kumihimo stand my mom gave me years ago, learn how to use it, finally, and make braids?


6 thoughts on “All soul-searched out! I needed a break…

  1. Do you happen to have a pattern or a sketch of what you are working on for sale or anything, it is amazing and I would love to give it a try, i doubt i could make it as beautiful as you have, but i would love to give it a shot.


    1. Alas, Erin, no…I drew freehand straight onto the fabric. Will see what I can rustle up for you, but it may take some time, another thing on the To Do list, which is growing exponentially! Don’t doubt that you can make beautifiul things…never doubt! The ability to appreciate beauty is also the ability to create it.


    1. I do love sitting on the back deck when there’s a gentle sea breeze and doing my bookbinding, embroidery, or whatever!
      Surprisingly, th filament doen’t knot up…though when I tried twisting two together, it did start to kink as I worked it, so it doesn’t like being twisted (which explains why it is so hard to use the DMC brand of rayon thread). AS filament it is wonderful to work with, though long lengths of it can fluff.


  2. Nat love, of course there’s macrame, which you know all about…or is that too passé or coarse for such threads? ‘ I’m thinking of the big, coarser string balls…


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