A little something (nothing) everyday

Finished the embroidery on the back cover of the Moleskine cahier I am working on for the Sketchbook Project 2011. Haven’t decided what to do on the front yet (it will still be blackwork embroidery, but it has to have more oomph than the back cover) though I really should get working on it by tomorrow—there’s not a lot of time to do this!—so I’ll make my choice in the night, and get cracking.

I finished this part of the painted canvas book covering, today, too. It looks a bit Christmassy here, but the real thing is slightly less red, a little more pink/magenta. I tried to kill the saturation a bit in iPhoto (the original doesn’t seem quite so ruddy) but something was up with my exposure/white balance today…I blame it on the low natural light: the sky was heavy with rainclouds all day, and the blue color cast threw everything out of whack.


2 thoughts on “A little something (nothing) everyday

  1. Beautiful work as always, Nat! I’m coveting that Moleskine notebook now. 🙂 On a related note, you’ve inspired me to try making an embroidered leather piece. I just spent a small fortune on leather at Otto this afternoon — supplies for a small order I need to fill — and I’m already dreaming up designs as I type. Your work is always such an inspiration!


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