*happy-happy, joy-joy*…new books!

Lame brag post, sorry. Too tired/busy to come up with something substantial from Wednesday to Friday, as I work long hours. Lookin’ forward to my four day weekend, to put together something you can use!

Still, don’t you love the crisp, pristine loveliness of new books? I love my local library, but its books are dictated by the borrowing habits of its readers…comprised mainly of bored housewives, kids, and senior citizens (they’ve got a LOT of “Large Print” books!), and I have tired of easy fiction, lately, and wanted something less mainstream, more challenging to digest.

two penguins

Because a truly good book doesn’t need fancy cover art to pimp it—the content IS the candy…

Can’t describe the joy these retro Penguin paperback covers give me…they’re iconic as heck! I wanted them all. Three is plenty.

And what about these essays by Theodor Adorno from Routledge, the academic publisher I slept with at university  🙂 The essay “On Free Time” is a scathing critique of the way we live now. I like that! I like views that see through all our Emperor’s New Clothes and laugh at how self-deluded we are.

STORIES, Edited by Gaiman and Sarrantonio

Exciting in an other way is this gorgeously styled and photographed book on black work, with lots of modern charted blackwork designs that I can’t wait to put to use!



2 thoughts on “*happy-happy, joy-joy*…new books!

  1. WoW, your so creative…
    i think I’m the bored house wife at the library….but I really do want out
    thanks for the inspiring work
    really enjoy your ideas
    cheers Shazz


  2. I love the part about the Emperor’s New Clothes and how self-deluded we are. YAY! and the photo of the BlackWork book is lovely, the book even more so I assume but anyhow, watching what you come up in the next couple of weeks coz I’m an Inspiration Vampire! Rawrr!

    Love you,


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