7am: Dude & Doona

July and August are part of that time of the year that people in Darwin call The Dry—characterized by much less humidity in the air, by a stiff wind blowing in from the deserts in the South, and a drop in average temperatures—though we haven’t seen proper Dry Season weather this year, at all. The last couple of weeks have been humid and hot as hell…a subject that the locals will happily discuss over and over again, with anyone they run into!

Thankfully, there was a change in the air last night and we had to dig our doonas out at 3 in the morning, as the humidity dropped to 27% and a cold wind blew over the water all night, making it chilly enough at 7am to want to cradle a hot cup of with both hands and put socks on to keep the toes warm!

I have a lightweight doona (quilt) that is perfect for these not-so-cold nights during The Dry, but have had to share it with Mr. Four Paws, Sixteen Claws here.


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