mail art : : blue vegetation for The Envelope Project

sketchbook page : rotten vegetation

Went through my doodle notebooks this morning for ideas of what to put on the envelope I’m sending to The Envelope Project, hosted by the blog Meet Me At Mikes. This page of curly vegetation turned me on…I wanted to see these designs done in blue ballpoint pen (or what LOOKED like a ballpoint pen…actually I used 4 shades of Staedtler Triplus Fineliner) on a page of dense text…like the elaborate doodles you might find in a biology textbook.

I put on some music, made a pot of coffee, watered the one pot-plant that we own, and then set to work:

Tore a page out of the oversized Acne Paper, a favourite magazine of mine, produced twice yearly in Sweden. It was an interview with Noam Chomsky about language and culture (these details don’t matter to anyone who will see the envelope later, but they matter to my processes).

I wrote the addresses first, then pencilled-in the vines and curls around them.

Then I sent my mind off to a planet covered in jungles of blue plants, and started to doodle…

Not perfect, but then I don’t put a big premium on perfect. I so enjoyed the doodle part, and it was a great way to spend a weekend at home, on the boat. The finished envelope goes in the post tomorrow!

P.S. Want to do an envelope of your own? Here’s the address, and Pip Lincoln’s button for the project. Off you go!
the envelope project

P.P.S. I’m big on mail art, too, and would love to exchange some awesome postal art with you! Yes, YOU!

Send a Letter, Get A Letter.

send a letter get a letter


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