the weekend : : some mail art

In a recent fit of silly subjects I made these two DL-sized postcards: acrylic paints, a black Sharpie, and mixed-media collage on canvas, and then backed with cereal box cardboard.

“Flinging Tea Bags and Sugar Cubes” was sent to my friend, Petal Face, who used to occupy the artist’s studio next door to mine at the DVAA, in the city. She moved back to Melbourne last year and I really miss her, though we only knew each other for about four months. It felt like we’d known each other for ages. She made some amazing illustrations in thread, with her sewing machine, on pre-loved fabrics, and she used to tell such beautiful, honest, open stories. She was funny and graceful and fey, and a lot of other lovely things that I will never be! I wonder if she got the postcard, or if it got lost along the way? I haven’t heard from her yet.

I  think I’ll send the chair postcard—it’s (rather inappropriately) called “Off yo’ ass” because I was telling myself to get up and do something…I painted it over later, but the Sharpie ink kept bleeding through the however-many layers of paint I put over it!—to the Meet Me At Mikes Envelope Project…although I wonder if it isn’t too late, now? I might double check before I make the envelope for it tomorrow.

the envelope project

UPDATE! Yes, Pip Lincoln’s Envelope Project is still running, until the 14th of July or thereabouts, so if you fancy adding to the already-very-impressive collection of envelopes and trinkets that she has started putting up in her shop’s display window, GO! Quickly! Make something fabulous!

That reminds to add here that I make and send mail art regularly…if you want to exchange some postal art just send me something:

Send A Letter to Get A Letter…


One thought on “the weekend : : some mail art

  1. hello my darling,
    i did receive your post it a card. i loved it. thankyou, and then i went to eastern europe for a while! so that is my excuse for not replying… i am also busy up til 1am every day doing work for uni, doing Masters of Art therapy and loving it. hey, i read what yhou wrote on your blog about me- you are so sweet and beautiful with your words. i miss our little morning catch ups and the honesty that you exude.. your website is incredible! do you even sleep at night or is it a 24/7 job??
    i will send you a suprise card when you least expect it….xx


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