hello, 2010!

eye full of fireworksOn the whole, 2009 has been a good year to us…

I had my first solo show of embroidered works (Encarnación) and it was well received, if selling 13 out of 15 works is any indication); I made a few things…not nearly enough, but then it’s never enough! I worked with an ace bunch of crazy people at Garma 2009. My two best friends in Manila gave birth to a beautiful bubby, each, and my best friend in Darwin, Melanie, gave birth painlessly to a sweet little Mehlkloß called Charlotte Antonia. I had a total of  40 students attend my bookbinding workshop. I moved my creative circus out of the rented studio in the city and back home onto our boat, Sonofagun, which my belovéd made all cosy and welcoming for me. My Flickr account expired on New Year’s eve so I can’t access my pictures of the year until the holidays are over (LOL) and normal life returns…

Oh, and one little sting at the very end: we found a lump in my left breast the day after Christmas, but I can’t find out what it is until doctors’ clinics are up and running, as well…so I’m not going to get emo about it…just wait quietly until the world comes out of it’s holiday stupor.

In the meantime, I’m going to laugh as often as possible, snuggle up in a big bed with my belovéd (on our cozy boat, at the start of the monsoonal rains) and dream of all the things I’m going to do with this blank book of a year, this white page, this waiting canvas, this theatre stage humming with anticipation just before the curtains rise.


The lights snap on…

the floor boards creak…

the orchestra starts to play…

and the curtains rise…

{   A few bits and pieces from 2009 (what I could get out of Flickr, anyway)   }

2009  mosaic of pictures

1. The Midnight Velada, 2. Señorita Rosa, 3. Exhibit Opening 3 July, 4. Exhibit Opening 3 July, 5. Exhibit Opening 3 July, 6. Exhibit Opening 3 July, 7. Exhibit Opening 3 July, 8. Exhibit Opening 3 July, 9. Exhibit Opening 3 July, 10. ♥ my Sharpie…, 11. DSCF1524_1, 12. Melanie and Lottie, 13. Untitled, 14. work in progress: star lantern with ornamental hands, 15. Help the Philippines weather the storm. Links if you want to help., 16. IMG_0022, 17. IMG_0028, 18. IMG_0005, 19. How to make :: book beads, 20. A quick model accordion book for today’s class, standing for display, 21. five-minute drawing, with my left hand, of Kris, 22. Magic shoes, 23. NaNoJouMo – 003, 24. NaNoJouMo – 005, 25. NaNoJouMo – 007, 26. NaNoJouMo – 009, 27. NaNoJouMo – 011, 28. NaNoJouMo – 012, 29. my mini-jungle environment, 30. is it the “Aloha Shirt from Hell”?


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