Leigh Salgado

Leigh Salgado is a nationally exhibiting Los Angeles artist. I came across her work whilst browsing the alternative art site Picklebird.Leigh Salgado

double your pleasure, double your trouble
Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Trouble 2007 by Leigh Salgado
and eat it too
And Eat It Too 2008 by Leigh Salgado

(all photos from the artist’s website)

Leigh’s “sculpted drawings” are detailed, obsessive, sexy, feminine, and marry  the elements of sacredness and profanity, the chaste and the erotic (which may seem like a contradiction until you read St. John of the Cross, Hildegard of Bingen, Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī (جلال‌الدین محمد رومی), or many other ecstatic mystics). Technically, they are meticulously worked pieces of paper art, combining drawing, painting, cutting and burning…

In some, she uses Sharpie pens and Exacto knives to turn high-end artist paper into lace-like abstractions. For other works, done on wood, she uses burning tools to draw busy scenes of flowery netting and vaguely familiar fleshy regions. [from her website]

leigh salgado's sculpted drawing technique

All my favorite things rolled into one art practice! I adore virtuosity with paper. Anything with paper, actually.

In an article in the magazine Tentaciones (April 2002) Leigh recalls “reading about St. Clare and St. Francis and being awed at their utter devotion, submission and commitment to the Divine. Out of the rejection and repudiation of the body came an erotic-like, ecstatic love for the Divine, which interested me. These artworks attempt to deal with space where the physical and spiritual and erotic and religious meet.”

The ‘about’ section of her website states:

Her labor-intensive compositions are of abstracted imagery occasionally morphing into recognizable subject matter. Viewers are simultaneously looking at interpretations of netting, lace, clothing patterns and original woven abstraction.Salgado is a leading proponent of Sculpted Drawing. This burgeoning medium brings a third dimension into pictorial space without compromising the elements of drawing. X-acto knives are used to eviscerate the negative space between the lines in her ink drawing. Hung away from the wall, this medium delivers the spatial sensation of a third dimension in static two-dimensional drawings.

“the spatial sensation of a third dimension”?Oh. Shadows. Love shadows… (Nevermind the art school gobbledygook, we’ve all been there, having to come up with those opaque, pompous phrases for a professor who demanded Quantity  of syllables rather than Quality of thought in an essay.) If this doesn’t inspire you to play with knives, I don’t know what will!

Leigh Salgado
via Picklebird

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    1. hi caty, I can’t agree with you more! The Random House list seems heavily anglo-centric, I had the same thought when I read it…if I had to come up with a list of my favorite works, there would be more books translated, from other languages, into English than those written in English! Latin America and Japan are fertile literary grounds, too.
      But it is just the first list of books I came across, I have transcribed it straight from their website, that I’d like to read eventually…this doesn’t mean I won’t squeeze plenty of international works into my book diet, as well. I might give a thought to compiling a ist of my own, in the coming days, to address the imbalance. Thanks for stopping by!


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