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Hey! Heeey Everybodyyyyy!

I’ve launched my Patreon Page!*✍


Kinda by accident…I was hovering over the LAUNCH button, thinking, “I should read it through just one more time…” but oops, touched it, and ZING! A screen of confetti announced that the page was live. Darn. Oh well…no time like the present!

And guess what? There was already one patron there! Nine hours before I launched, somebody had signed up. HOW COOL IS THAT?! My very own personal Medici. I feel all warm and tingly! What a compliment! In Philippine culture, she’s the one we call the buena mano, literally ‘the good hand’, my Lady Luck. It’s awesome to not have to start from zero!

I couldn’t be prouder if I’d just got myself a snazzy apartment. Please drop in some time…even if you don’t want to join up, just have a look around and tell me what you think of the set up. Were you familiar with Patreon before this? Do you support some creators on there, already? Who are they, and what do they do?

Yeesh! I’m excited!

*  Launched much later than I had planned, because of a little accident today… I fell into the sea…with my phone in my pocket. It’s dead. Like, ‘dead’ dead… Pretty upset because I promised videos and stuff on Patreon. I am working on a replacement…luckily I have savings, but there goes the travel fund! *sniff*

10 Inspiring Bookshops around the World | Messy Nessy Chic

Just too yummy not to share.

10 Inspiring Bookshops around the World | Messy Nessy Chic Messy Nessy Chic.

Kris’ book launch and group show

Kris’ book launch and group show

Heh, sorry! In the general excitement, I forgot to write an update about Kris, and the White Bird’s fiasco at sea! Some of you probably think he’s still “out there, somewhere”! My bad.

John and Paul, aboard the S/Y Clair de Lune, left Darwin in the afternoon of the 9th. They found Kris in the early hours of Saturday the 12th. They tried to put new sails on the stricken boat, but found that she still wouldn’t sail. Boat builders have since had a look at the boat’s hull and say she was never built to sail. Her masts are in the wrong places, she has the underwater profile of a bathtub. So Clair de Lune towed the White Bird all the way back to Darwin…

They all got back on Wednesday, the 16th. Customs cleared White Bird in at noon, and the boys dropped Kris off at home by 3 pm. He’d lost 13 kilos, his skin was sore from being saturated in salt, and the muscles in his legs were a bit wobbly after 44 days at sea in a small boat, but otherwise he was well, jubilant, and delighted to be home at last.

The botched trip in an atrocious boat is already a thing of the past, a boring detail that Kris waves away impatiently. The main reason that Kris got fed up with the hopeless sailboat and sent a message to John, the boat’s owner, to come out and get him, is that White Bird was full of newly printed calendars and books—Out of Census, the fourth book that Kris has written—and the book launch in Darwin was set for the 1st of February. He didn’t want to miss his own book launch! (besides, he had the books, and the invitations, with him!)

He’s spent every day this past week handing out invitations, putting up posters, and e-mailing everyone we know about the opening night.

“Publish and Be Damned” is a group show and book launch. Alongside the new book and a 2013 calendar with black-and-white drawings by Kris there will be diverse works by a few of our creative Darwin friends…drawings, paintings, hand made teddy bears, installations, handbound journals; a few cases of Ewin’s home-brew, with his custom-designed labels, is actually among the works of art to be exhibited! 😉

A fun, unpretentious little party, with nibbles and a licensed bar, to which you’re all invited! The link at the start of this post will take you to Kris’ blog post about the event.

When: 1st of February, Friday at 6PM

Where: DEAF space gallery, DVAA, Frog Hollow Center for the Arts, Woods Street in the City, Darwin.