A feeling of impending doom…

I’ve got a really bad feeling about the US Presidential elections. I’m convinced that Trump doesn’t want to win…everything he does seems calculated to ruin his chances of winning. That any serious presidential candidate would be so offensive is not so much infuriating as it is absurd. Trump’s faux pas are not elements of a presidential platform but a theatrical production that seem calculated to attract all the public attention to himself, so that nobody scrutinises The Other Candidate too much.

Frankly, I think everyone’s being tricked—all the while believing they’re being intelligent and principled voters by rejecting this exaggeratedly bad candidate—into giving their vote to “the Lesser Evil” that Hillary appears to be. I think both candidates (and the rest of the cast) are working together to lock in a desired result.

And that’s even more terrifying than the idea of an ignorant, unlikable man like Trump being president…because if this whole election campaign has been a performance to manipulate people’s feelings and ensure that Hillary wins, no matter what, there must be a very good reason why people should not want her for president.

It’s possible that while everyone’s eyes have been on a scary clown, a much more atrocious candidate has been sneaking toward the prize.

Like I said before, there’s a turd in the punch bowl and everyone’s still choosing cups. Selection in this election is a deception; the winner was picked ages ago, and folks are being diddled into thinking they’re making intelligent choices.


aside: fullscreen photos

Just a quick blogging note: I needed to put a sidebar in, as too much information was being left out when I used to have full-screen photos. But I have finally figured out how to set things, now, so that if you leave the homepage and visit an individual post, by clicking on the post’s title, the sidebar menu disappears and you can, once again, view photos that take up the width of the screen. This is not an issue with iPads or phones, I realise, it is just a thing with laptops and desktop monitors.

Is this important? Not really. Aesthetics. It just looks better, I think, when the photo is large and wide-format.

That’s all. Tweaking things, while I still have a good internet connection.


By the way, the good ship “Kehaar” departs from Kingston, Jamaica, tomorrow early. We’ve been here a week, only stopped because we were low on food and water, and I didn’t take many photos (the few I took were accidentally deleted when my crappy little Quo tablet formatted the SD card without even asking me! Aargh.)

It will be 3-6 days from here to Colombia…next you hear from me, we will hopefully be in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

Streetsofcartagena” by Cbrough – personal computer. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

Hasta luego, mis panas!

Suburbia (not quite what I had in mind)

Johannesburg. Got here at 6 a.m., came straight to the little guesthouse I booked, and slept till 3 in the afternoon. We are a long way from the city (should’ve twigged when I saw the name of the hostel was “Suburbian”) in a quiet residential area of big houses, high walls, pretty flower gardens. I don’t see anyone walking, but I will try.

My taxi driver recommended “bap

Flying to Capetown on Friday, hopefully to see my love by the end of that day. Whew, this meeting has been 6 months in the making! Nearly there.

Lost & found…& found again.

My prodigal dinghy was found today, intact and outboard running. I even got a bonus: there was a huge red fuel tank in it that wasn’t there before…ha ha ha.

Three policemen in plainclothes came to see me at work; they’d caught the guy who did it (no, not the heroin addict at all…shame on me for being such a sucker for movie stereotypes!), and wanted badly to prosecute, as he is also responsible for thousands of dollars stolen in credit cards, electronics, and a caravan, I think they said. So I signed a statement and came home and towed the rowing dinghy behind the motorised dinghy. The mood at the club was celebratory, and I was getting waves from people on boats and thumbs-up-signs from passing dinghies…I waved back, returned a small smile, but didn’t really feel as elated as, I guess, they thought I’d be.

A lesson has been learned, and I cannot consciously, purposely, go back to ignorance, so I will continue to row, now that I know how easy and quick it is from our new spot in the Sadgroves Creek. Also, to put it mildly, I do not love that outboard.

All’s well that ends well. At least I have my dinghy and oars back! And I AM sincerely glad that I have recovered what was really Kris’ property. It will come in handy on craft fair days, anyway, and has proven invaluable for moving four friends at a time, to and from the big boat on party nights.

Isn’t it funny how, when you accept a situation fully—to the point of actually falling in love wiit the new conditions—whatever the problem was in the first place often rights itself?

The best part is that I now enjoy a new FREEDOM: I no longer need nor am dependent upon what I originally thought I had lost.

These new ads

Last year I made just over a hundred dollars with WordAds…that doesn’t sound like much, but it was fine since I don’t push this blog or ram it down people’s throats via social networks, and the amount at least covered annual registration of my domain name, getting my WordPress blog to use my domain name, plus little fees here and there associated with keeping a not-terribly-businesslike blog up and running.

It’s not a source of income, this blog…if anything, it gobbles up time, energy, and internet credit (which, in Australia, is absurdly expensive…$180 for 12 GB of data). So I was grateful for the WordAds earnings…$7 here, $10 there…seemed like not a bad deal in exchange for a little square at the foot of each post with some stupid video for Carlsberg beer or Luminosity.

But these new ads suck. Things popping up in front of my own photographs is not cool. I assure you that I hate this as much as you do, the way I hate the ads popping up in front of Youtube videos.

So I’m turning the ads off completely. There are better ways to make a hundred dollars…and without compromising values, aesthetics or integrity. Please bear with me if I mention my designs for sale on Society6 more often, or promote new journals in my ETSY shop with monotonous regularity, but at least this stuff is my own, and in return for helping me make ends meet, you’ll be getting something handmade or beautiful (or both). You win, I win, and together we can keep third-party advertising and their pushy, ugly corporate interests to a minimum.