a quick tutorial : : book beads

beads that look like teeny-tiny tomes

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I haven’t added any text instructions, because I think the photos are clear enough. All that’s left to do know is make a whole heap of these, in different shapes (but always symmetrical shapes!) and sizes, and stringing them up.

This uses the same binding method used to make childrens board-books…the only difference is that you glue the front and back cover together, as well, and create a book in the round, without and ending or beginning…and that’s some pretty heavy symbolism for a pretty paper bead!

Have fun!

flowers for Mata Hari

Spending the night at my studio, making these little flowers—in between bouts of frustrated Facebook activity. It’s not my favorite interface, full of bugs, but it was great to see all my friends again (they wont come to flickr…sigh)

I’m using the pages of a biography about Mata Hari (which is Malay for “Eye of the Day”, i.e. the Sun) She was an amazing woman: a rather dumpy Dutch divorcee-turned-prostitute who “re-invented” herself as a Javanese princess of priestly Hindu birth, pretending to have been initiated in the art of sacred Indian temple dancing since childhood. And men fell for it, unsurprisingly. Hah. She was executed by firing squad for espionage during WWII.


Folding trees

via Rag and Bone Bindery