Getting in a lovey-dovey mood :)

I’ve been fiddling around with paper Valentine ideas…both for this blog, and for Jackson’s Darwin’s shop displays. It was serendipity that led me to this romantic animation featuring paper. Lots of paper.

Merging computer-generated and hand-drawn animation techniques,”Paperman” was created by a small, innovative team working at Walt Disney Animation Studios. I love that they’ve put it up on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.


WIP ♥lovefolly♥

lovefolly WIP

Customs rang yesterday morning, which was very nice of them. They’d spoken to Kris the night before. He’s 450 miles from Darwin, sort of backtracking because the poor winds sent him down on level with the Kimberleys. I’m hoping it’ll take him between 5 and 7 days to get here, as the monsoon trough still hasn’t established itself properly. The Customs officer said, “He said to tell you he’s happy.” Not safe. Not well. Happy. I had to chuckle at the message Kris sent through him.

A small painting came after that phone call. What can I say? That I am more affected by my emotions than I would like to admit? “Love is the wisdom of the fool, and the folly of the wise.” (Samuel Johnson)

13-year honeymoon

after all these years...

Feels like no time has passed, and we’re still just a couple of nuts on our honeymoon—yet it’s been 13 years.

You still crack me up, every single day…

Happy birthday, my delicious, delightful love.

bustard feather

(Forget all those other things—the secret to a love that never grows old is laughter.)

The great idea for this playful ‘fingers’ shot came from fat owls’ photo. I hope she doesn’t mind that I did the same thing.

Yay! Fun!

Och! I am having so much fun, holed up all the rainy weekend in this little floating room, it almost feels reprehensible. The little last bits of hesitation have disintegrated, and I am fully engaged in this playful creativity now. The characters walk in unbidden—barn owls and lacy underwear, heart-shaped doilies and stripey socks—and all I have to do is find a spot and draw them in. This is always a fantastic place to be, and I am savouring every minute of it.

book 891

…her granddaughter gigs with Fire ’n
Ice, a skinhead punk-grunge group that performs in sheer
black nighties and clown wigs—she plays mean electric hygrometer
in the first set and then, for a twofer,

(very American, that) plays paper-and-comb. Far
out. She’s so fluent in various World Wide Webbery that nitrogen
in a thousand different inflections is her birthright, and almost any translation,
mind to mind, gender to gender, is second nature. “I earn
my keep, I party, I sleep” is her motto….

excerpt from “Sestina: As There Are Support Groups, There Are Support Words” by Albert Goldbarth

A new journal, finished today.

Covers are hand-painted in acrylics. Flat-back, case-bound, with headband. Closure is a neodymium magnet in the hand-stitched tab, and a thin piece of steel (mosquito coil holder 😉 ) recess-mounted in the front cover board.

Dimensions are W 12cm. x H 17 cm. x D 4cm. Textblock is 200 leaves (400 pages) of Edición 110 gsm in avorio (ivory), endpapers are in aubergine.

Hey, this is the very first item to appear in my shop! Quite nervous about this whole selling online thing…there’s so much to learn and read up on, I’m feeling overwhelmed. How the hell do others do it?

Nothing else to say for the moment…I’m in my making zone and nothing else matters right now. What are you hanging around for?

Go! Make something beautiful…it is later than you think.