Unwanted attention

monday interview merged

Monday, 25 February, 2013: Dude and Kris pose together on the back deck of our boat for a photograph taken by Daniel Hartley-Allen, to illustrate a full page interview that was conducted and written up by Alison Bevege, and which appeared in  the NT News’ last Monday Interview section. No promises, but I think this is the last of Kris’ capers in the media for a while, they seemed to be coming fast and furious for a while, there…but we’re lying low from hereon, nose to the grindstone, pulling our heads in, and everything interesting that can possibly be said has been said, now, anyway.

Really, the cat makes the picture…you can imagine what an insufferable princess Dude’s become since he appeared in the paper. It’s gone to his head. 🙂

Thanks to Alison, for a fast-paced, action-packed write up; and to Dan, for the awesome photo. XX Nat

P.S. Kris’ fourth and last book, Out of Census, was printed in Indonesia late last year; it’s about his escape from Czechoslovakia, and his vagabonding around Europe and India. We only have a few hundred copies of it. If it sounds like something you might enjoy, you can get hold of a copy via Kris’ website, monsoon dervish.


Cut Out + Keep

Pleated Paper Flowers
Cool cool! Am Featured member on Cut Out + Keep today. There’s an interview, some pics (you’ve probably seen before, here or on Flickr), plus a few of the more popular projects I’ve posted on CO+K over the years.

Thanks ever so much, Cat Morley and the rest of the folks who make CO+K such a great site for every DIY project you can imagine!

welovefrenchknots.com : : I’ve been profiled!

Bari J.is a very pulled-together-and doin’-it kind of woman. Her various blogs are active, prolific, and professional. I’ll bet she doesn’t prop her laptop up with a pair of empty yoghurt tubs…

I will die admiring and feeling totally mystified by such superwomen. How do they do it? On her embroidery blog, We Love French Knots, Bari runs giveaways, tutorials, stitchalong projects, contests, and features other similarly amazing, craft-meets-business superwomen. It was just crazy luck that I somehow managed to catch her eye, and got featured on Bari’s blog today. Needless to say, I felt totally out of my league. I didn’t even have a cute embroidery pattern to give a way, the way everyone else did. Gah.

But I stammered my way through the questions, somehow, and just the fact that the interview is on her amazing blog lends my words and images credibility and polish! Cool!

Please check out the interview that Bari conducted with me, about topics stitchy and crafty, the link’s right here. While you’re there, explore the other amazing stitchers that Bari has profiled over time…some of the work is delightful!