embroidery stops here…for now

I catch a plane in a few hours, so this is my last post for a couple days—until I get to my parents place and get my new bearings.

To the fans of this embroidery (so funny, who’d have thought?) I am so sorry to leave you hanging! I wish I could take it with me, but it’s bloody three meters long! LOL. So all work on this Deerfield ‘Rogue’ embroidery goes on hold until I get back to Australia in early April.

Here’s are details of the latest bits I’ve done:

And here is (most) of the whole, as it looks so far, and will look until my return…(though I have just learned how to do reversible trellis stitch from the internet, and I am tempted to whip my needle out and try and work this new stitch for as long as is imprudent, before I absolutely HAVE to tear myself away, row ashore like a madwoman, and hie me to the airport!)

I am suffering withdrawal symptoms already. Right, first thing when I get to Manila isn’t currency exchange…it’s the nearest needleworking shop, for needles, a hoop, some floss. *gets hungry, steely look in her eye*


bookbinding : : conjuring the sun with color

Twenty-two consecutive days of rain! Was starting to feel a bit soggy around the edges. Thankfully, yesterday brought us some real sun, and that has cheered me up no end.

I brought some colour and light into my studio yesterday by making these two journals:

Another embroidered allium, my first time to use a color other than green for the stencilled background. Went with shades of lavender and purple for this one. With the orange/red shades from the flowers, and the spring green of the stems, the colours seem to work. It’s cheerful, anyway. This one’s in my shops.

Note: I have had to re-open my account with Paypal, as furious as that makes me. I have tried using the alternatives suggested by http://www.screw-paypal.com, but an order last week had me tearing my hair in frustration. Good thing the customer is an old friend, used to my bumbling ways, and so very patient with me! But to have to go through all that with some stranger who is used to snapping things up easily? I realised that it would be too much to ask of the average fairweather shopper—who has never heard of Wikileaks, or doesn’t grasp its relevance, at any rate. So I’ve resolved to donate a small bit of my Paypal sales to Wikileaks, instead, to somehow grapple with the conflicted way I feel about using them to sell my handmade journals. Frustrated. 😦

And another owl journal…this one’s for Danielle (aka Miss Hurro Kitty), who just asked me for “an owl” and got this little Tasmanian Masked Owl, riding his own cloud of shampoo bubbles up a staircase to the sky. With bunting, and Words of Wisdom (I have since completed the broken-off sentence, using Danielle’s chosen word).

And danged if it isn’t the weirdest thing, but I really loved painting these little owls…their white, heart-shaped faces, their mottled feather patterns…why is it so much fun?

It baffles me a bit, because everyone is doing owls…EVERYONE…and I worry that I am merely caught up and being swept away by the current of faddish subjects that seem to be the same on every craft blog, in every ETSY shop. It does no harm, but at some point I can’t tell where the influences end and my own vision begins. I hate to think I am nothing but a mirror, repeating what I see. Scary. I don’t seem to have the guts to draw something that comes solely from my own head…

Slow days of brilliant color

We can finally hear the difference: less cars on the roads now; that ever-present hum of traffic has died down to the occasional rubber-burning hoon (with a lone police car in pursuit)…a wonderful silence is building as the long holidays approach. *bliss*

What have you been doing with the last slow days of the year?

I have been stitching more of these bright little felt rondels. They shape up quickly, and are a good way to get a color scheme or a combination of embroidery stitches out of your system.

colorful embroidered felt rondels that look like cookies. or flowers. or doilies.


Still not sure what I’ll do with them all, but I did quit my day job not long ago, so I will probably try to sell them. Should I pop them onto journals? Or make pendants, or ornaments, or brooches out of them? Hmm…what do you think? I’d love to hear your ideas, I’m hopeless at these things!

Also…I made cases for 5 flat-backed, case-bound journals. They’re covered in primed artist’s canvas (ready to paint on when the mood strikes!)…

white case

And, while I was making the cases, I photographed the steps for a tutorial on case-making—for the students of my bookbinding workshops (though I have just realized that I won’t be around to teach Term 1 next year! *sad* But I’ll be doing Terms 2-4, for sure!)

And I made miso soup with tofu, wakame, shiitake slivers, and a sprinkle of gomasso for lunch…(I just added this in so that I seem busier than I actually was…)

How about you?

book 891

…her granddaughter gigs with Fire ’n
Ice, a skinhead punk-grunge group that performs in sheer
black nighties and clown wigs—she plays mean electric hygrometer
in the first set and then, for a twofer,

(very American, that) plays paper-and-comb. Far
out. She’s so fluent in various World Wide Webbery that nitrogen
in a thousand different inflections is her birthright, and almost any translation,
mind to mind, gender to gender, is second nature. “I earn
my keep, I party, I sleep” is her motto….

excerpt from “Sestina: As There Are Support Groups, There Are Support Words” by Albert Goldbarth

A new journal, finished today.

Covers are hand-painted in acrylics. Flat-back, case-bound, with headband. Closure is a neodymium magnet in the hand-stitched tab, and a thin piece of steel (mosquito coil holder 😉 ) recess-mounted in the front cover board.

Dimensions are W 12cm. x H 17 cm. x D 4cm. Textblock is 200 leaves (400 pages) of Edición 110 gsm in avorio (ivory), endpapers are in aubergine.

Hey, this is the very first item to appear in my shop! Quite nervous about this whole selling online thing…there’s so much to learn and read up on, I’m feeling overwhelmed. How the hell do others do it?

Nothing else to say for the moment…I’m in my making zone and nothing else matters right now. What are you hanging around for?

Go! Make something beautiful…it is later than you think.