Cut paper Gypsy Poet

cut paper Gypsy

Played with bits of scrapbooking paper and a scalpel today. Taking a break from embroidery!

The Gypsy Poet is closely based on one of Leon Bakst’s watercolor costume studies for the Russian ballet. This may even be Nijinsky.

gypsy poet...cut paper assemblage

The back actually looks pretty nice, too…I’ll admit I like the back better! Those pieces of masking tape are beautiful.
flip side

Galimafree d’internaute

firefox collage

A gallimafree is a hodge-podge, a mixture, of diverse ingredients…and the French have this absolutely  delightful word for someone who surfs the web a lot…he or she is called an internaute…yes, like a cosmonaut, or an astronaut. I love it, it’s so succinct in a pop-culture way.

Naturally you’ve all seen Mozilla Firefox’s little “Webify Me” collage by now (if you use Firefox as your browser, of course).

This is what I got after answering the 20 questions…except that in this pic I have covered the statue of liberty over with a flower and butterfly, and covered their blank “HELLO my name is” card with a red one of my own that I just happened to make a few weeks ago—this card was actually my facebook profile pic for a while, just thought I’d re-use it. The collage “touch-ups” were done in Picnik.


Otherwise, the collage was not a bad “likeness” of me…from the sailing compass, to the fat cat, the knitting needles, the crayons, the perfume bottle, spoon, film, USB thumb drive, and the Magician card (I actually have this 1970’s deck, the Aquarian deck, it was my first-ever Tarot deck…now using Crowley’s.)

*Psst! Can you tell I’m padding? These days I’m filling in for someone at work (she’s gone on holiday) so I’m offline and not doing anything particularly creative, hence have nothing much to write about. Go make something artistic, why don’t you? LOL…*

No feedback on the new theme, at all…hope that means you don’t mind it! 😉 Hope that means you like it! (Or is that hoping for a little too much?)