bookbinding : : blackwork on leather

I made a journal yesterday that totally indulged and satisfied my obsessive compulsive idiosyncrasies…using a blackwork pattern drawn onto grid paper to prick holes into the leather journal cover before sewing. It’s a simple limp binding, but preparing and working the cover took up most of the day.
I think this is the reason I also work blackwork embroidery on paper, on wood, on painted canvas, and on Moleskine cahiers—anything but on the grid-marked fabric that it is traditionally worked on: I like the insane, time-consuming, meditative job of making my own grid by hand. 🙂

120 leaves (240 pages) of heavy (120gsm.) white Tintoretto paper, with a slight felt texture. Acid- and ECF-free. Journal measures 5 1/4″ x 7 1/2″ x 1 3/4″ (135mm x 190mm x 45mm), and the adhesive-free limp binding is designed to accommodate a slight adding-on to the pages such as photos, collaged papers, glued-in ephemera.
This journal, Caramel (no. 906), is in my Madeit and ETSY shops today.