New croc on the block…

new croc on the block

Heavy clouds but no rain…the Build Up is here, and we’re all stewing in our own sweat like plump pomfrets.

Living on a houseboat, it’s sometimes really tempting to go for a quick swim…cool off in the water…but sightings like this one curb that longing. Between 10-12 feet long, or thereabouts; big enough to do some serious damage already. Curious about the surroundings, this lizard clearly has not learned to be wary, yet, so it will be in a trap soon enough. My personal first sighting of the season (though by no means the first in the creek! It’s the ones you can’t see that are the real worry…)

The leaves in the foreground are my own pot plants…so yes, it seemed to be stalking me, actually.

2 thoughts on “New croc on the block…

  1. Goes with the territory I guess (or should that be Territory?). I’d be nervous rowing around there in my little plywood dinghy. I’m currently anchored at Southport on the Gold Coast, where the primary predators drive Porsches!

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    1. Absolutely does go with the territory. I haven’t gone for a swim since I came to Australia except once, and that was by accident, a few weeks ago, when I slipped and fell into the water, crossing between dinghy and pontoon. I was spoiled by the seas around El Nido when I lived there, and rarely feel attracted to the water here. And then there are, of course, the lizards…which make it REALLY unattractive!


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