Turning water into wine

Amethyst sky

Found this old-school filter (real one, that you attach to a camera lens) in a drawer of camera gear I was cleaning out.

It’s made to counter the greenish tinge of fluorescent lighting, but I found it gives the sunset an intense amethyst glow, and can turn water into wine. Like Jesus. đŸ˜‰ A miracle.


5 thoughts on “Turning water into wine

  1. I am so glad I saw this! I was just about to sign my other daughter up for your beautiful letters, it was on my to-do list for today. Should I wait?


  2. Yes, Love, I still have several light–balancing filters like this. Today, of course, they are built into our digital cameras…I especially liked the warming effect of No 85B that was meant for balancing Daylight film into indoor tungsten light pix. And the “cloudy day” setting to warm up flash pictures.


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