Illustrated Letters

Illustrated lettersAs my letter subscription project crosses the half-year line and hits 50 subscribers, I’ve been inspired to go deeper into what a letter can be by exploring the different kinds of art, of writing, and interactive possibilities that can be included in this versatile, remarkable form of self-expression.

Gradually, more books about letters are finding their way into my personal library. Inspired this week by Illustrated Letters: Artists and Writers Correspond,  a collection curated by Roselyne de Ayala and Jean-Pierre Guéno.

Taken entirely from French sources, there are letters by Gaston Chaissac
Illustrated letters
Georges Hugnet…

Edouard Manet…

Illustrated letters

Paul Gauguin…

Illustrated letters

Arthur Rimbaud (swoon!)…

Illustrated letters

And this heart-stopping beauty by Victor Hugo…

Illustrated letters

…as well as letters by Picasso, Corbusier, Van Gogh, Turgenev…so many brilliant artists and writers. They’re just scrumptious! If I ever received a letter like Hugo’s, I think I would eat it…

4 thoughts on “Illustrated Letters

  1. I have that book, Nat, and I just love it. So glad you are spreading the good news. One thing I did, because I keep a journal (spottily, lately) was copy entries in my journals and send them in lieu of a dedicated letter to friends. One of my friends kept all of them…over 40 years….and just send them back to me. It was so much fun reading them again. Jennifer

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    1. I know, right! Though I’ve been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of letters like these, from artist friends and an enthusiastic lover (Kris). I used to do this sort of thing myself, but ran out of steam when the recipients never wrote back, or sent Hallmark cards in reply…postage gets expensive, too 😕 especially as I left my home country and all my friends behind. Writing to me didn’t hurt each of them, but writing back to all of them cost me half a day’s wages! 😜


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